SPSS Software

(NOTE: Also available on TealWare)

For University-Owned Systems

UNCW has a network license for SPSS. This means the software can be installed on any university-owned system (Mac or PC). This network license includes:

  • SPSS Base
  • SPSS Regression
  • SPSS Advanced

If you wish to have SPSS installed on a university-owned computer, please contact the Technology Assistance Center (TAC).

NOTE: If you wish to order add-on modules for SPSS, please contact the TAC for a quote.

Remote Access

  • SPSS is also available via Remote Desktop or TealWare.
  • If you have a university-owned laptop, you can check out a license while you are on campus and then use that license while traveling if you are unable to connect via VPN.

Note on Saving Files from TealWare: