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UNCW Sign-In System

In today's green economy departments are moving away from paper logs and moving to more modern electronic logging systems. The UNCW Sign-In System is a sophisticated and easy to use solution for those offices looking to modernize their check-in process. This system was specifically created in order to facilitate keeping track of individuals visiting your office or attending your event.

Types of Sign-In Systems:

  • Advanced: An advanced system is meant for an office setting in which you would take notes, assign individuals to staff and view further details about a student.
  • Basic: A basic event system allows you to keep a basic record of who attended an event you hosted.

Basic Features of Sign-In System:

  • Check In / Check Out - A basic timestamp is created when someone signs in or out of a station.
  • Desktop Notification - Individuals who sign into your system can be assigned to staff members who can view information such as history, notes and basic information. A photo is also available to help with identification.
  • Email Receipt - After someone has signed in or out of the system, an email receipt can be generated. This receipt can be customized and can contain a link to an online survey.
  • Email Notification - A notification email can be sent to an email address each time a person signs into a system.
  • Basic Reporting - The system supports a few basic reports which can be exported to Microsoft Excel.
  • Photo Verification - A photo of the person signing into a system appears so that you can quickly identify them.
  • Print Name Badge - The system supports name badge printing through the use of the Dymo Label printer.
  • Survey - Questions can be asked as someone signs into a station. These questions can then be reported on through custom SSRS reports.

For details on how to use the features of the UNCW Sign-In System, view instructions (PDF).

Basic Hardware Requirements:

  • Computer: Minimum Pentium 4 machine with 1GB of memory and Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
  • Swipe Card Reader (Optional): USB Keyboard Interface Magnetic Card Reader. This can be purchased for approximately $65 online.
  • Label Printer (Optional): The Dymo Label Writer 400 Turbo

How to Request a Sign-In System:

If you are interested in having a Sign-In System for your department or event, please send an email to and specify that you would like Technology Research and Assessment Services to set you up with a UNCW Sign-In System.

UNCW Sign-In System Instructions (PDF)