Campus Computer Purchases for
UNCW Owned Computers

PLEASE NOTE: This information is for UNCW owned computers. If you are interested in purchasing a computer for personal use, see details here.

UNC General Administration has launched a required bulk IT purchasing program called Combined Pricing Initiative (CPI). The easiest, fastest way to order a computer on campus is to select one of the CPI computers which can be viewed in the Dell Catalog through uShop, the Purchasing Department's eProcurement system. In addition, purchasing a CPI computer allows ITS to provide better support due to:

  • Standardized and better quality hardware
  • Images for effective deployment and support
  • The inclusion of Computrace to protect university data (All computers, regardless of whether they are a CPI computer, require the purchase of Computrace.)
  • Enterprise standard hardware
  • A longer warranty period, saving each department repair costs

To purchase a Dell computer that adheres to CPI standards:

  1. Log into mySeaport
  2. Click the Administrative Services tab.
  3. Click on the uShop link.
  4. Click the Dell link from the Punch-out section.
  5. ITS recommends ordering one of the first three systems listed for office computing. They are configured the same but each has a different size case. The ITS recommended system is a customized CPI High Level computer that should meet the needs of even the most intense users on campus. However, if you find you need to tweak the recommended system you certainly can. For specific questions, please contact your Building Consultant through the TAC.
  6. Add the system to your cart.
  7. Verify your configurations and quantity and click Create Order Requisition.
  8. Select your shipping and trade compliance options and click Continue.
  9. Click Submit Order Requisition.
  10. Complete your purchase in uShop.

To purchase a non-CPI computer:

  1. If you are ordering an Apple computer, please submit a ticket to the TAC requesting an Apple quote. If you know the configurations of the computer you would like to purchase, please include that. Your ITS building consultant will secure a quote for you.
  2. Once you have the quote, log into mySeaport.
  3. Log into mySeaport
  4. Click the Administrative Services tab.
  5. Click on the uShop link.
  6. Click on the Non-Standard Computer Request link from the Showcased Services section.
  7. Fill out Non-Standard Computer Request form.
  8. Use the add attachment link to include the quote received from your building consultant.
  9. At the top of the form, in the Available Actions drop down, select Add and go to Cart and click the Go button.
  10. Complete your purchase in uShop.
  11. You must also purchase a 5-year Computrace license for each computer (unless it was included in the quote):
    • In uShop, click the Dell Punch-out.
    • Scroll down until you see the Computrace License.

    computrace license image

    • Select Add to cart, then Create Order Requisition, and create your purchase in uShop.
    • When you receive an e-mail verifying your Computrace purchase, please forward it to Tami Mansur ( so it can be filed with your order.
  12. When the computer arrives, please submit a request, via the TAC, that Computrace be installed. (Without the installation, the license will not be effective.)