The TealWare Cloud


  1. Who can use TealWare?
    All faculty, staff and students with an active UNCW email account.
  2. I am a first time TealWare user. How do I get started?
    Open your Internet browser and go to The first time you visit this page you will be automatically prompted to install the plug-in necessary to utilize this system. Once this has completed, log in with your UNCW email credentials to start using the software.
  3. Does TealWare work on both Windows and Mac computers?
    Yes, TealWare works on both.
  4. Can I use software on TealWare from off campus?
    Yes, TealWare is available both on and off campus. All you need is an Internet connection, an active UNCW email and the TealWare plug-in.
  5. When off-campus, do I first need to connect to VPN before accessing TealWare?
    No, a VPN is not necessary to use TealWare.
  6. Can I print when I use software on TealWare?
    Yes, your locally installed printer will be recognized. You can also use iPrint services.
  7. How do I retrieve and save files when using TealWare?
    Your Timmy (students) or Sammy (fac/staff) file folder will be automatically available when using applications on TealWare. Your computer's drive storage (including USB drives) is also available. For more information, please refer to the instructions for how to retrieve and save files.
  8. When I am using TealWare from off-campus, I find that accessing large files on my local machine is slow... why is this?
    When using TealWare off-campus, your Internet service provider (ISP) places restrictions that affect how fast your data will be transferred. To speed up access to your files, keep them on Sammy or Timmy. That way, UNCW's internal network will be used, which will benefit performance.
  9. Will my TealWare session time-out during periods of inactivity?
    The initial login page will time-out after 20-minutes of inactivity. However, applications that were started PRIOR to the login page time-out will continue to function normally.
  10. Will I have access to all of the software on TealWare?
    Your access to any particular software package(s) is determined by the licensing agreement. Some software licensing is campus-wide, while others are more specific. The software that you are licensed to use is tied to your UNCW credentials, and this software is shown when you log in.
  11. How do I get assistance with TealWare?
    Contact the Technology Assistance Center.