Teal Email Archive FAQs

Why should I use the Teal Email Archive? What are the benefits?

  • You don't need to worry if you accidentally delete an email - It's in the Archive!
  • You may view all the email in the Teal Email Archive from anywhere via an Internet connection.
  • There is a powerful Search tool that allows you to search all emails in the Archive, including attachments.
  • You may choose to free up space on your computer by no longer archiving your email to PST files (or other methods, such as external hard drives), since they are already backed up in the Teal Email Archive.
  • You have the option to upload old PST files into the Teal Email Archive so that you have ALL your email stored in the same place (virtually unlimited space for storing all your email).

How do I access the Teal Email Archive?

  • Access the Archive via this direct link. Use Firefox for the best experience. You may find it helpful to bookmark this link for quick access.

Is there a recommended browser for the Teal Email Archive?

  • Firefox is the recommended browser for PCs and Macs.
  • Mobile Devices - Log in to TealWare applications (tealware.uncw.edu) and click on "Teal Email Archive."

When will my email appear in the Teal Email Archive?

  • While your email is archived immediately, it is not viewable until the following day. (Today's email will be viewable in the Archive tomorrow.)

Is all my email in the Teal Email Archive? (How far back does it go?)

  • The Archive contains everything that was in your mailbox on December 17, 2010 until the present (with a one-day lag time). It will continue to archive your entire mailbox moving forward. If you have been archiving your email on your local machine (via PST files) you may upload them into the Teal Email Archive as well. See training materials.

Will the Teal Email Archive include everything in my mailbox, including deleted and sent items?

  • Yes. Anything that is sent, received or deleted will be archived.

Am I required to use the Teal Email Archive?

  • No. While it is not mandatory for you to use the Archive, we believe that it offers many benefits that you will want to explore. Please be aware that whether or not you use the Archive, your email is being backed up.

Why is UNCW archiving my email?

  • Problem / Challenge: Email archiving through PSTs doesn't provide faculty/staff with the necessary tools for today's mobile and email-demanding work environment.

    • Faculty/staff require access to their email, including archives, both on and off campus.
    • Email storage within our existing MS Exchange environment has limitations and is costly.
    • Litigation requires eDiscovery which can include massive quantities of email, resulting in site visits to each of the named parties' desktops and hours of reviewing and redacting messages.
  • Innovation & Benefits: The Teal Email Archive, a cloud-based email archiving solution, provides cross platform Web access, more efficient storage and improved management functionality. This solution was jointly proposed by ITS and General Counsel in 2010 and approved by Cabinet.
  • Faculty and staff gain virtual storage for emails; thus, their Inbox can become practically unlimited, providing a much sought after and requested feature.
  • Email archives can be accessed by almost any device with an Internet connection.
  • Emails are stored in a compressed and de-duplicated manner, providing the most effective use of storage.
  • Archive solutions assist in the time consuming work of electronic discovery.

Can I delete email or folders from the Teal Email Archive?

  • No. Please note that even if you delete a folder from your live mailbox, the folder remains in the Archive.

Can I move folders around or rename them in the Teal Email Archive?

  • No.

Why do I see duplicate items in my Teal Email Archive?

  • The Teal Email Archive defaults to showing all locations where an email has ever been (i.e., in the Inbox, in Deleted items, in Sent items, etc.). If you'd like to view the email in its final location only, go to Options, then User Preferences, then Version History. Under Email History, select "Hide."

When I use the search tool, it is only searching for the past 6 months. How do I expand this feature to search for more than 6 months?

  • To change this default setting:
    1. Go to the Teal Email Archive.
    2. Choose Options -> User Preferences.
    3. On the "Search & Browse" tab, set the bottom drop-down menu to "None Specified."
    4. Click OK to save this for your account.

Where can I find training materials?

How do I locate PST files on my computer?

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