ITS Request System

The ITS Request System gives faculty, staff and students the option of entering requests online. To view the system, go to See FAQs below for details on how to use the system.


  1. Can I still contact the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) if I have a problem?
    • Yes. You may still call, visit or email the TAC if you have an issue / problem / request. This system is simply an alternate way of entering a request, and it gathers data which may eliminate the need for callbacks from the TAC or ongoing emails with TAC staff.

  2. Why should I use this system?
    • It's user-friendly! The system has drop-down menus and prompts which help you fill out everything you need for your requests, and it uses the information entered to expedite your ticket to the appropriate technical resource.
    • It can save time! The system gathers important data which may eliminate the need for callbacks or ongoing emails.
    • A new feature provides a user-friendly way to enter "access requests" (for access to a system, such as the Sammy file server, SharePoint, etc.) and get the requests approved via an automated process.
    • You may log in and easily view the status of your tickets.

  3. How do I enter an incident or service request?
    • Go to
      • Choose Incident Form, if something is broken (ex: printer not working, email issues). There is a drop-down menu to help you choose.
      • Choose General Service Request to request something new or a change to something already in existence (ex: new SharePoint site, install a new monitor). There is a drop-down menu to help you choose.
      • Choose Access Request for access to a system (ex: Sammy or Timmy file server, SharePoint).
    • Follow the user-friendly prompts!

  4. How will I know the system received my request?
    • You will receive an email from with complete details about your request. After the ticket has been resolved, you will also receive an email asking if your incident has been resolved to your satisfaction.

  5. What about my projects/project requests? Will they be in this system?
    • No, your projects will remain in the Remedy project request system, and project requests will continue to be entered in Remedy.

  6. How do I set up my browser to sign me in automatically?
    • In order to signin automatically you must use Internet Explorer.
    • Select "Internet Options" under the Tools menu.
    • Select "Custom Level" on the Security tab.
    • Scroll down to select the following:
      • "Enable" Access data sources across domains
      • "Automatic logon with current user name and password" User Authentication, Logon
    • Click OK and restart Internet Explorer

Questions? Contact the TAC at 962-4357 or