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Spyware Removal From Home

Here are the instructions for removing spyware from your computer. In addition to these instructions, we also recommend you:

  1. Download Microsoft Security Essentials for free here:
  2. Always keep your Windows Updates current: (external link)


Step 1- Remove any programs that are known to be risky that may cause problems for your computer. (See List) To remove these programs:

1. From the Start Menu open the Control Panel (Fig.1)

Fig. 1 Control Panel


2. Choose "Programs and Features" (Windows 7) (Fig.2)

Fig. 2 Programs and Features

Fig. 2

3. Go through the list of programs and remove:

  • Toolbars
  • Antivirus programs other than Microsoft Security Essentials
  • All Peer-to-Peer programs (sample listed below). If you don't know what a program is, search for the name in your search engine.
    • KaZaa
    • Limewire
    • Morpheus
    • Bearshare
    • Frostwire
    • uTorrent

Step 2- Delete Internet Temporary Files from your computer

  1. From the Start Menu open the Control Panel (Fig.1)
  2. Choose "Internet Options" from the list.
  3. A box called Internet Properties will open. Choose the tab at the top labeled "General" (Fig.3)
  4. In the center of this box, under "Browsing History" choose "Delete" (Fig.3)
  5. A box called "Delete Browsing History" will open. Check "Temporary Internet Files" and "Cookies" and then press delete. (Fig.4)
Internet Options

Fig. 3

Fig. 4 Delete Browsing History

Fig. 4

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