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Is My Computer Infected?

Many faculty, staff and students have become concerned about the threat of viruses and spyware. This page can help protect you from these threats.

Know What Spyware and Viruses Are:

A computer virus is a malicious software program that spreads from one computer to another and can affect computer performance in a variety of ways. Viruses are often distributed through email, an instant message program, or even by going to certain Web pages and clicking on links. Viruses can corrupt and delete data on a computer, sometimes even deleting everything on the computer's hard drive.

Spyware is software that can install itself or run on your computer, often without your awareness of it. Your computer will not always show signs of spyware infection, so it's best to periodically check your computer for spyware by using programs like Malware Bytes or Combo Fix.

How Does My Computer Become Infected?

How Can I Tell if My Computer is Infected?

Some typical symptoms of virus and spyware infections are:

What Can I do if My Computer is Infected?

Self Help

Instructions for removing spyware and viruses from your computer.

Download Your Antivirus Software

View information on downloading free antivirus software here.

Safe Computing Info

View additional info on safe computing on our Be Safe site.


Data backup/Recovery and Restore.

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