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Resources for International Students

Financial Information

Paying Your Bill

All students must pay their tuition & fees by the first day of the semester. Failure to pay your bill in full will result in your courses being canceled. All payments are made to the Office of Student Accounts. If you would like to pay your bill in installments, rather than all at once, you will need to contact Student Accounts to work out that arrangement. The most efficient means for a student using an international bank account to pay student fees is through Travelex's Bank to Bank Transfer. Please see the Student Accounts website for full details.

Health Insurance & Immunization History

Health Insurance

Health insurance is required for all UNCW students. For more details, visit the student health insurance website or contact the Student Health Center. International students in F-1 status are ineligible for the HTH international plan offered to J-1 exchange students.

Immunization & Medical History Form

Your completed Immunization & Medical History Form must be returned to the Student Health Center by the first day of classes. If you are missing any immunizations, you will not be permitted to attend class until you have met all requirements. You should have all immunizations taken care of before you arrive on campus and confirm that you are compliant with the Student Health Center. (Immunizations can be very expensive in the U.S.) Please keep a copy of the Immunization & Medical History Form for your own records and bring it with you to campus. If your form gets lost, your copy is the only way to prove that you've had the necessary immunizations.


For students who elect to live on-campus, the UNCW Office of Housing coordinates all assignments. Detailed information for the room sign up process can be found on your TealTicket. To learn more about on-campus housing, visit their website.

For students who choose to live off-campus, the UNCW Seahawk Perch office serves as the university resource for researching off-campus accommodation options. For information regarding off-campus housing, please visit their website. Please note that the Seahawk Perch serves as a guide, but students are ultimately responsible for finding their own accommodation, signing a lease, obtaining furniture, etc.

While the Office of International Programs cannot recommend one place over another, many students like the apartments on Racine Drive called Campus Walk I or II, or Clear Run. They are an easy walk to campus, a grocery store, and are on the bus line. Other apartments require a car or at least a bike. Two condominiums that are near campus are Carleton Place and Ashton. Students can look for these listings along with the aforementioned apartments on this website as well.

Advanced English Course

Non-native speakers of English are encouraged to register for an advanced-level English course, FLL 105. The course focuses on honing university-level English writing and speaking skills (including pronunciation and presentation skills), and idioms/slang/popular culture. If you would like to sign up for this course, you will need to register for it at the same time you register for your other academic courses. For more information, email the course instructor, Maike Walbrecht.

Miscellaneous Resources

Exchange Students