Letter from your International Student Services Team

International Student Services Team

From left to right: Amy Mabery, Exchange Student Advisor; Tiffany Campbell, Programming Coordinator; Jen Fernandez-Villa, Degree Student Advisor.

Are you ready for the new adventure of UNCW?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by a big opportunity that you know you should be excited about? I felt the same way about an upcoming two week business trip I'm taking to the Netherlands and Germany. I am excited about the trip, but I was also feeling overwhelmed about the important work I'd miss (such as admitting new exchange students, registering you for classes, etc.). So what did I do? I asked for help!

My colleagues, Tiffany Campbell and Jen Fernandez-Villa (photos above), are helping with my advising responsibilities while I am gone (October 11 - 26th). Thanks to their help, I am now excited instead of stressed about my upcoming adventure!

In many ways, Jen, Tiffany, and I are providing you with the same type of support, so you can be excited rather than stressed as you prepare to study abroad at UNCW. We’ve broken down the things you need to know and do before you arrive into a clear step-by-step calendar with links (see the navigation on the right). We've also provided you with a fillable pre-arrival checklist to mark-off tasks as you complete them.

So what happens when you’ve read through all this material but still can’t find the answers? That is when you email me (Amy Mabery) and I’ll be happy to help you as best I can.


Amy Mabery

International Exchange Student Adviser




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