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Work and Volunteer Abroad

UNCW-Sponsored Programs

If you are interested in an international experience that includes more than study, consider UNCW education abroad programs which offer internships or experiential learning opportunities:

Independent Internship, Work and Volunteer Opportunities (not for credit)

While the Office of International Programs does not formally administer activities abroad that do not have an academic (credit-bearing) component, we are also pleased to provide you with resources and links for these types of opportunities. We do not particularly endorse nor have vetted the organizations and opportunities linked below but solely provide them for your convenient reference and urge you to extensively research and vet your options.


An internship may consist of a combination of coursework and/or a supervised work experience (possibly for credit, in a government agency, profit or non-profit agency or company). Internships must be carefully planned in advance especially if you wish to receive credit. Paid internships are very rare, but some include room and board expenses as part of the internship agreements. UNCW students can search internship listings (both national & international) and databases at the Career Services office or on the web.

Work Abroad

In most countries, including the USA, non-citizens require special permission to work legally. This permission is usually in the form of a work visa. There are agencies that can help facilitate the process of obtaining a visa, especially for students or recent graduates.

Other legal work opportunities abroad include au pair placements, where you live with a family and care for the children in exchange for room, board and expenses. There are also special English-language teacher programs that will help you find teaching or tutoring jobs. Not all of them require teacher training or certification. If you interested in working abroad in a non-English speaking country, plan to acquire some language before applying. Money for these types of jobs may pay very minimally. You will break even on some, and others will cost you money, but the experience will be invaluable.

Volunteer Abroad

You can volunteer your services to work in many foreign countries on important community projects involving health care, agriculture, community development, language training, youth camps, house-building projects, etc. Sometimes your volunteer work can be turned into a "service learning" internship for credit, by discussing it in advance with your academic advisor and carrying out research or some type of learning project in conjunction with your volunteer responsibilities.