Travel Resources

Travel Guides, Transportation, Accommodations and More (External Links)

  • Student Universe
    Information on student airfares, railpasses, hostels, trips, travel guides and more.
  • STA Travel
    Information on student airfares, railpasses, travel guides and more.
    Information on affordable airfare, travel guides and more.
  • Kasbah
    A country-by-country searchable database including travel tips and cultural, accommodation, and transportation information.
  • United States Department of State
    Government site helping you with important documents, embassies, emergency guidelines, travel insurance and other great tips.
  • Disability Notification Card for Air Travel
    A notification template for organizations and their constituents to use to discreetly provide information about their medical condition or disability to Transport Security Officers at airports.
  • The Rough Guides
    On-line travel guides for student and budget travelers.
  • The Lonely Planet Guides
    On-line travel guides for student and budget travelers.
  • Let's Go Guides
    On-line travel guides for student and budget travelers.
  • Backpack Europe on a Budget
    An on-line guide to budget traveling in Europe. Provides information on packing, choosing a good pack or suitcase, where to stay, keeping in touch, and guidebook reviews.
    Allows you to select a type of experience abroad (travel, volunteer, study, etc.) and a country you are going to and produces a customized on-line travel guide based on these criteria.

    Go Oversees provides a great array of study abroad-related articles.

    Professional and practical guides on the steps to take when moving to another country in the European Union. Including the European Rental Guide, Student Life in the UK, Money Management for Students, Visiting a Doctor in the EU and Opening a Bank Account in the EU.

    An on-line guide to using youth hostels. Provides a general overview of what youth hostels are and a searchable database of youth hostels around the world. Also has links to on-line travel stores for railpasses, backpacks, and guidebooks.
    Another guide to hostels, with pictures and user reviews of each location. Provides direct contact information, as well as booking services through their website.
  • Hostelling International
    International hostelling organization membership information.
    A guide to dialing abroad from the US and from any other country
  • Cybercafe Search Engine
    A searchable database of internet cafes and email kiosks around the world.
  • European National Railways and Timetables
    Schedules and prices for Western Europe and some of Eastern Europe.
  • Foreign Exchange Currency Converter
    Current exchange rates for U.S. dollars into 164 currencies.
  • and
    Two websites with information on receiving refunds on value added taxes imbedded into the prices of many good and products in many countries, including most of Europe, but which may be refunded to foreign visitors upon departure.
  • International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
    Steps on how to apply for the ISIC card at UNCW
  • Youth Vote Overseas
    Youth Vote Overseas (YVO) brings you the online tools that will make your overseas voting experience easy and fast. Register to vote, look-up election official contacts, check filing deadlines and access help desk services.
    Network, city guide and magazine for students abroad.
  • Glimpse Magazine
    Features first-person, cultural-experience pieces written by study abroad students, international students, volunteers and others living abroad. Selected work is also republished by major newspapers or commissioned by Glimpse partners such as National Geographic Traveler.
  • A Guide to Cell Phones Abroad
    A nice guide to some of the considerations for using using a cell phone abroad, compiled by Webster University
  • Book Review: Rick Steves’ Travel as a Political Act
    The book would be an especially good read for someone who’s new to travel, but it’s just as likely to be enjoyed by experienced travelers.
  • Paris Unraveled: The Student's Guide to Living and Studying in France
    Paris Unraveled: The Student's Guide to Living and Studying in France is a new e-book and community for Anglophone students studying abroad. Paris Unraveled offers information on everything from the administrative procedures of coming to France to job and internship opportunities and events for students.



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