International Studies


Fall 2016 Graduates:

Fall 2016 Graduates

Emily Evelyn Brown, Sydney Cara Burton ΣΙΡ, Savannah Marie Carter (magna cum laude) ΣΙΡ, Jan Michael Checo, Fernando Luis Crawford, Anna Lawrence Doughton, Taylor Wynne Evans, Samantha Danielle Farquhar ΣΙΡ, Jenny L. Ferguson, Vincent Hugh Gau, Kathryn Marie Gerdes, Angela Louise Joseph (magna cum laude) ΣΙΡ, Hailey Morgan Jourdan, Hannah Joy Klotz, Nikolette Lichtman (magna cum laude) ΣΙΡ, Athena Skye Martin, Matthew Russell Murphy (summa cum laude), Benjamin Luke Padleckas ΣΙΡ, Emily R. Tellman ΣΙΡ, Mackenzie Morgan Watson (cum laude) ΣΙΡ, Zachary Whisenhunt (cum laude) ΣΙΡ. Commencement Program

Summer 2016 Graduates:

Elbridge H. Boardman, Luke W. Brown, Madisyn T. Creekmore, John O. Gallagher, Joey L. Russ, Mackenzie Taylor Slyman ΣΙΡ, Nina E. Stahl, C. Drew Walker, Weston E. Wenger, Nathaneiel T. Wynne.

Spring 2016 Graduates:

Spring 2016 Graduates

Romulo Altamirano ΣΙΡ, Tobias Batts, Peter Rowe Castagno, Niki Brenda Cox, Kathryn A. Davis, Jamie Dreifus, April Marie Drummond (magna cum laude) ΣΙΡ, Amanda Jean Fletcher, Juliana Faith Gates (magna cum laude) ΣΙΡ, Seraina Cristina Gruenig (cum laude), Chloe Elizabeth Hand, Charles Yeager Killian, Mikayla Breonne Kinloch ΣΙΡ, Trinidad M. Marinello, Cameron Meredith, Jordan August Miller ΣΙΡ, Charles Vance Pope, Timothy Harry Quinn, Majbrit Leigh Reedstrom, Jordan Bradley Rice ΣΙΡ, Alena Brooke Rodriguez ΣΙΡ, Lauren Marie Rogers ΣΙΡ, Jessie Marie Schilens (magna cum laude) ΣΙΡ, Christopher James Sherman, Raven Donelle Spencer (cum laude) ΣΙΡ, Carla Deanna Stauder, Sawyer Louise Thomas (magna cum laude), Yolanda Winston. Commencement Program.

Fall 2015 Graduates:

Fall 2015 International Studies Graduates

James Patrick Bailey (summa cum laude) ΣΙΡ, Karli Kay Baker (magna cum laude), Samantha Stephanie Black (cum laude) ΣΙΡ, Garrett Bucksath, Zoe Linda Dorian (cum laude), Jorge L. Flores, Berthy Sabrina Gonzalez, Morgan Elizabeth Green, Alexandra Cecilia Lloyd (summa cum laude) ΣΙΡ, Jennifer Nicole Madden ΣΙΡ, Marissa Elizabeth Moran, Jacob Paul Mozena, Ashley Christine Pate, (Sunny) Sarah Jessica Rucker (magna cum laude), Maxwell Ian Strotbeck (summa cum laude) ΣΙΡ. Commencement Program.

Summer 2015 Graduates:

Sidney Nathan Blocker, Drew T. Gaertner, William Lucas Gainey, James Macon Hodge, Grace N. Murkowski, David Andrew Schley, Grace O'Malley Sullivan, Zachary Thomas Tarrant (magna cum laude) ΣΙΡ, Elizabeth Ann Warfield.

Spring 2015 Graduates:

Spring 2015 graduates

Kelsey Smith ΣΙΡ, Abby Daniel, Kelly McNeal ΣΙΡ, Mattie Kearse, Emily Manning ΣΙΡ, Adam Laughter ΣΙΡ, Erin Gallagher ΣΙΡ, Kyle Wolfe, Jessica Nelson ΣΙΡ, Nathan Blocker (summer '15), Sarah Wilson ΣΙΡ, Shelby Johnson, Heather Slice ΣΙΡ, Adrienne Boyea, Ian Bristol, Carynne Spalding ΣΙΡ, Luke Gainey (summer '15), Katie Potter ΣΙΡ, Valtteri Halonen, Tyler Brady, Grace Sullivan (summer '15), Jake Edwards, Tobi Polland ΣΙΡ, James Hodge (summer '15), Kevin Terry ΣΙΡ, Ben Ansel, Forrest Melvin, Michelle Law, Drew Gaertner (summer '15), Jordan Russo ΣΙΡ, J.D. Martin ΣΙΡ, Kiera Googins ΣΙΡ, Lydia Yount, Courtney Penezic ΣΙΡ, Isis Arrieta-Dennis. Commencement Program.

Fall 2014 Graduates:

Fall 2014 graduates

Kelly Brown ΣΙΡ, Abbey Starling ΣΙΡ (summer '14), Sarah Bilski, Emily Biehl ΣΙΡ, Emily Shawcross, Nicole Abbondanza ΣΙΡ, Mark Townsend, Summer Saunders, Robert Kluttz, Zachary Draskovich, John Tremblay. Commencement Program.

Summer 2014 Graduates:

Sara Cameron, Travis Jones (pictured below), Steven Pierce (pictured below), Abbey Starling ΣΙΡ (pictured above)

Spring 2014 Graduates:

Spring 2014 graduates

Gongtao Sun ΣΙΡ, Courtenay Rickards ΣΙΡ, Cathy Jordan, Anthony Queen, Kara Oopik, Steven Pierce (summer '14), Sarah Zitwer, Olivia Causby ΣΙΡ, Taffy Souphab ΣΙΡ, David Evans, Ashley Huffman ΣΙΡ, Aaron Kaye, Tiffany Ouellette ΣΙΡ, Elisabeth Zeitler, Rileigh Wilkins ΣΙΡ, Caroline Tipton, Aurelie Krakowski ΣΙΡ, Quinn Lancaster, Jennifer Martinez, Chris Cardona, Amy Nguyen, Nic Norment, Ashley Miles, and Travis Jones (summer '14). Commencement Program.

Fall 2013 Graduates:

Fall 2013 Graduates

Chelsea Roberts, Emma Anderson, Austin Pippin ΣΙΡ, Adam Schell, Mary Wickre, Wait Mortenson, Ethan Edwards (not pictured), Alexandra Estrada (not pictured). Commencement Program.

Summer 2013 Graduates:

Onicha Cheeranont ΣΙΡ (pictured below)

Spring 2013 Graduates:

International Studies Graduates Spring 2013

Lydia Shippen ΣΙΡ, Chelsea Roberts (fall '13), Joseph Chambers, Austin Cloyed ΣΙΡ, Onicha Cheeranont (summer '13), Juliet Wiebe-King ΣΙΡ, Morgan Mencio ΣΙΡ, Christine Council, Danielle Rode, Anastasia Kuz ΣΙΡ, Julia Daugherty, Daphne Henning ΣΙΡ, Chelsea Crawford ΣΙΡ, and Caitlin Showalter with Drs. Berg, Graber, and Andreescu. Commencement Program.

Spring 2012: Our First Two Graduates!

Michael Croal (2012: Globalization)

My study abroad in England and Ireland changed my entire perspective on college. After completing my study abroad and this program, I realize that there is a world outside of the United States. International Studies is a fantastic program; the interdisciplinary course work makes for a well-rounded degree that is truly customizable. I would suggest this program to anyone seeking to gain a more global view. I am currently at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville completing a Master of the Arts in Comparative Politics.

Michael Croal
Jordan Eicher (2012: Middle East)

As a political science major, I thought it would be beneficial to get a different, interdisciplinary perspective, which I found in the International Studies. This major has helped me see the world as a more inclusive and interconnected entity than I previously thought, and by doing so it has made me more understanding of global tribulations and thus more understanding of possible solutions.International Studies is an excellent choice for students of any major because it allows students to understand the global and immeasurable results of our actions throughout our careers and our lives.

Jordan Eicher