To meet its teaching and outreach missions, the UNCW Public History Program runs the Public History Laboratory. This 1,500 square foot facility allows students to practice skills in exhibit design and fabrication, oral history, collections care and management, web publication and film making. It includes a computer and graphics room equipped with the Adobe Create Suite, wide format printers, a vinyl cutter, and custom mat-making equipment. The lab’s mount making room allows for practice in custom artifact mounts, while its collections room houses over 300 objects in its teaching collection, managed with Past Perfect software. Its classroom doubles as a space for public meetings and guest speakers.


lab collection

Here Erica Hague makes a padded hanger for a garment in the Public History Lab. Students use the teaching collections for research but also for practicing collections management and care.


photo gallery

Kawan Allen installing labels for Rethreading an Industry: Garment Workers, Mass Production, and Collective Action, 1890-1920 at the UNCW Public History Graduate Student Gallery.

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