Few of our majors become professional historians, although many enter the workforce as public historians or secondary school teachers.  Most go on to a range of employment in many fields-- banking, politics, sales, and research and consulting, for example.  Others embark on graduate study in history, law, or business.  A history degree does not limit your opportunities.  

The modern economy demands a flexible, curious work force, internationally aware, appreciative of the complexities of problems, capable of asking intelligent questions and researching effective answers, and able to communicate clearly.  Historians practice all of these skills. 

Our students work hard, but they love what they do, which helps them not just survive academically, but to thrive and grow as learners and thinkers.  We are proud of our graduates, and of what they accomplish once they leave UNCW. 

Mandatory Forms for Hired Students

W-4, I-9 and NC W-4 withholding certificate


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