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I work on subjects related to maritime and Early Modern global history.  Trained in Early Modern Spain and the History of Science (Tom Glick, Boston University), my initial research interests centered on Early Modern Spanish maritime history.  Early publications focused on the Manila Galleon trade (Colonial Latin American Historical Review, 1993, Bermuda Journal of Archaeology and Maritime History, 1995, International Journal of Maritime History, 1995, The Great Circle, 1995, Mains’l Haul, 2001)

On-going project centers on what I call the Culture of Commerce at Manila—an important aspect of the Spaniards’ almost exclusive dependence upon the Mexico trade for financial sustenance.  Working from this starting point, my book manuscript has come to focus on the rhetoric of the Spanish interaction—generally berating and insulting subject groups.  My study puts this phenomenon into the context of the development of the Castilian language, highlighting the significance of language and insult in an imperial setting.

I have also been pleased to undertake gender studies and the concept of masculinity.  Results to date include my serving as a member of UNCW’s Gender Studies faculty, and my current research interests in historical masculinity.  I have been working on the effects of homosociality and the propensity of early modern western sailors in the Pacific to desert or get arrested, especially at Pape’ete, Tahiti and Honolulu or Lahaina, Hawai’i.  Book project looks at sailors, masculinity and western renegade sailors in the Pacific.

Recent publications include “Gambling on Empire: the Role of Shipwreck in the Early Modern Imperial Economies,” International Journal of Maritime History, December 2011, and “Cashiering the Last Conquistador: the Juizio de Residencia of Don Sebastián Hurtado de Corcuera, Colonial Latin American Historical Review, Winter 2013.

My teaching includes courses on European, Global, Maritime and Gender histories.





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