Candice Bredbenner, Associate Professor

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Candice Bredbenner

Professor Bredbenner specializes in the history of the Progressive and interwar eras and modern American law.  She has a particular interest in the study of citizenship. Her book, A Nationality of Her Own: Women, Citizenship, and the Politics of Marriage (University of California Press, 1998) focused on the development and dismantling of U. S. laws that denied married women the independent power to determine their citizenship. The book received a Choice Outstanding Book Award.  Professor Bredbenner’s current research focuses on Americans’ understanding of the obligations of national citizenship, as revealed in their interwar debates over the individual’s responsibility to defend the nation.       

Professor Bredbenner received her MA and PhD from the University of Virginia.  Prior to joining the UNCW History Department in 2008, she was a faculty member and administrator at Arizona State University.  At UNCW, she teaches courses in U. S. history, including women’s studies and Constitutional history.   



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