Staff Development & Training: Performance Management

SPA Blended Evaluation

With the transition to career banding, SPA employees receive an annual competency assessment of their skills and abilities in addition to the annual performance evaluation. With assistance from ITSD, we have created a tool that combines the required competency assessment, work plan, and performance evaluation components into one document. UNCW began using this streamlined, “blended” system effective January 1, 2010. The new form is called the SPA Employee Competency Assessment and Performance Evaluation.

Feedback since its initiation indicates that the new blended form is both meaningful for employee development and user-friendly for supervisors and employees. UNCW’s process fully complies with the parameters mandated by the N.C. State Personnel Commission.

For user convenience, there are two versions of the form available depending on the number of competencies identified for the position

SPA Blended Evaluation Form - 6 competency version
SPA Blended Evaluation Form - 9 competency version
Addendum - Blended Evaluation Form (2 additional evaluation sheets if needed)

Self Assessment(employees are encouraged to use this form to enrich the evaluation discussion)

EPA Performance Evaluation

EPA Evaluation Template

Record Keeping

Performance evaluations will be treated in a confidential manner and filed in the employee's official performance evaluation file located in the employees’ department. Performance evaluations will be maintained for three years and securely destroyed according to the University General Records Retention and Disposition Schedule.

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