The purpose of the Workers’ Compensation Act is to provide medical benefits, compensation for lost time from work and compensation for any permanent or permanent partial disability that results from a compensable job related injury.

UNCW is continuously striving to provide a safe and healthy work environment. When you practice safety on the job you are helping to maintain an accident free workplace. Any employee who suffers an injury by accident or contracts an occupational disease within the meaning of the Workers’ Compensation Act may apply for benefits provided by the Act. The State has a self-insured program that is managed by a third-party administrator, CorVel Corporation.

Please become familiar with the information outlined below. Your recovery is a major concern to the university. If you have questions about your claim, contact the university’s Workers’ Compensation Administrator in Human Resources (962-3006), your adjuster at CorVel Corporation (1-866-441-4153), or the North Carolina Industrial Commission at 430 N. Salisbury St., Raleigh, NC 27611.

Employees’ Responsibilities in the Event of a Job-related Accident or Illness

Supervisors' Responsibilities in the Event of a Job-Related Injury or Illness

Determination of Workers' Compensation Liability

Determination of Workers’ Compensation benefits will be made by the adjuster at CorVel Corporation, the state’s third-party administrator for Workers’ Compensation.

Payment of Medical Expenses

All reasonable medical, surgical, hospital, nursing, sick travel, medicines, and rehabilitative services that are prescribed by the approved medical provider and authorized by the third-party administrator will be covered by Workers’ Compensation for compensable injuries. Only the approved physician should prescribe treatment and medication for the job related injury. Payments for medical expenses are processed and mailed by CorVel Corporation.

Use of Leave and Payment for Time Away from Work

Continuation of Benefits During Workers' Compensation Leave

For employees receiving a Worker’s Compensation wage, benefits are affected as follows:


Medical Insurance UNCW continues to pay the employer portion
Vacation & Sick Leave Employees continue to earn leave
(SPA Only)

Longevity payments begin following 10 years of service
State Retirement Employees do not receive retirement service credit while on Workers’ Compensation leave. However, members of the State Retirement System may purchase service credits within 12 months after returning to work
Optional Benefits Employees may continue optional benefit programs by sending the monthly premium to the Payroll Department



08.450 UNCW Workers’ Compensation Policy
NC Office of State Personnel – State Government Workers’ Compensation Program
UNCW Office of Environmental Health & Safety

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