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Everyday heroes

Everyday Heroes

Our Purpose

To establish a cultural shift from bystander passivity to bystander activism. To encourage our campus community members- faculty, staff, and students- to embrace that we are an interdependent community and can make a positive impact on each other.

What is Everyday Heroes?

Have you ever been walking down Chancellor's Walk and seen someone help another pick up fallen books, help someone with an access issue, or help someone in need? Have you ever been in your residence hall and seen a resident mediate a roommate conflict or help tutor someone? Do you know someone who has offered to help a person who is in an abusive relationship? Have you ever seen someone stand up for what is right? UNCW considers these active bystanders "Everyday Heroes." No matter how big or small an act, these members have a positive impact on our community. The Everyday Heroes project recognizes those members who are establishing a caring and accountable UNCW community.

Why are "Everyday Heroes" Important?

UNCW "Everyday Heroes" are the role models who create a campus culture that cultivates caring community members. These heroes set strong examples for being activists when they see someone in need of help. These acts assist in creating a stronger sense of community on our campus.

Be an Everyday Hero and Nominate!

UNCW "Everyday Heroes" are not only those who perform the positive action, but those who recognize and nominate others. The power of direct action and the act of recognizing others for their contributions are both important in creating a culture of "Heroes"! Become a UNCW Everyday Hero by filling out this form to nominate your hero.

Guidelines of a UNCW Everyday Hero:
  • Must be a UNCW community member- faculty, staff, or student
  • The UNCW member's action made a positive impact on a UNCW community member, the UNCW community, or the greater Wilmington community.

Recognizing Heroes and Their Nominators

  • Heroes and nominators receive a copy of their nomination, and a "Thank You" card

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