Housing & Residence Life

Professional Staff

Peter Groenendyk
  • Peter Groenendyk, Director
  • (910)962-3241
  • groenendykp@uncw.edu
  • Peter serves as the Chief Housing Officer for the housing program that houses over 4000 students and employs 26 full-time staff and over 200 student staff. He is responsible for planning, directing and overseeing implementation of all aspects of housing services. Peter serves as a member of the Division of Student Affairs management team and reports directly to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.
Nic Troutman
  • Nic Troutman, Associate Director of Facility Operations
  • (910)962-3405
  • troutmann@uncw.edu
  • Nic is responsible for general administration of facility operations to include budget planning, long range facility planning, coordinating capital improvements, facility projects, housekeeping services, and routine maintenance.
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  • Vacant, Associate Director of Residence Life
  • (910) 962-3241
  • This role assumes primary responsibility for the design, development, implementation and evaluation of the Residence Life program. This position provides leadership and supervision for one Assistant Director, eight Professional Residence Coordinators, eight Graduate Assistants and over 100 student staff in our eight traditional residence halls, seven suite style buildings and twenty-six apartment buildings. Program design for special interest housing groups including Learning Communities, Wellness, International Programs, Teaching Fellows, Greeks and others and serves as a primary liaison to various departments within Student and Academic Affairs. Provides guidance and advising for leadership development programs, design of the Resident Assistant Training program, supervision and training of professional staff on crisis management issues, oversight of residence life assessment functions, supervision and development of the graduate assistant program, and management of residential safety programs.
Matt Herrington
  • Matt Herrington, Associate Director of Business Services
  • (910) 962-2797
  • herringtonm@uncw.edu
  • Matt's position provides leadership and supervision of the residential assignment team as well as oversight and management of fiscal accountability for the largest auxiliary operation on the campus of UNCW. Primary responsibilities are to directly manage housing contracts, room assignments, and general administration of student transition process. Matt creates historical models and projections to manage housing occupancy, ensuring both occupancy and budgetary goals are met; while also developing and managing a unified departmental budget to determining housing income and managing expenditures.
  • Carrie Hammer, Assistant Director of Technology and Communications
  • (910) 962-2833
  • hammerc@uncw.edu
  • Carrie is responsible for all of the department's technology initiatives and marketing efforts and serves as the primary liaison to ITSD, Telecom, Business Applications, Student Accounts and Marketing and Communications. She provides the department with technical support, computer software training, and performs data research and analysis. In addition, she also manages the department's closed-circuit TV channel, security camera systems and oversees the production of Housing and Residence Life publications. Carrie is responsible for the main HRL computer system, Residential Management Systems, and insures consistency within the housing application, assignments and billing processes.
Sarah Autieri
  • Sarah Autieri, Assistant Director of Residence Life
  • (910) 962-2457
  • autieris@uncw.edu
  • Sarah assumes primary responsibility for the recruitment, development and training of Residence Coordinators, Assistant Residence Coordinators and Resident Assistants. She also supervises the Community Development Assistant and works closely with the RHA/NRHH advisors. Sarah serves as the fiscal manager for the development and training budgets along with RHA, NRHH and Area Chapter. Sarah assists the Associate Director of Residence Life with oversight in planning and implementing special interest housing and the design and implementation of an assessment plan for Residence Life. Sarah works closely with Defender Security Guards and Desk Receptionists to ensure coverage at each residence hall front desk.
Al Bright
  • Al Bright, Assistant Director of Facility Operations
  • (910) 962-4225
  • brighta@uncw.edu
Trevor Havelka, Technology Support Analyst
  • Trevor Havelka,Technology Support Analyst
  • 910-962-3581
  • havelkat@uncw.edu
  • Trevor assists with the department's technology initiatives and serves as a liaison to ITSD, Telecom, and Business Applications. He also provides the department with technical support and computer software training. This position is also the System Administrator for several HRL software applications, including EasyLobby, TimeClock Plus, AssetWin and When to Work.
Al Bright
  • Karen Thompson, Public Communications Specialist
  • (910) 962-2858
  • thompsonkl@uncw.edu
  • Karen coordinates the department's public relations initiatives. She serves as the webmaster for the department's webpage, manages the social media sites, creates housing publications, and is the administrator for the electronic advertising boards and Guidebook.
Tiffani Idol
  • Tiffani Idol, Residence Coordinator
  • (910) 962-2862
  • idolt@uncw.edu
  • Tiffani oversees the daily operations of UNCW's most recent residence hall, Seahawk Crossing, a six hundred and sixty two bed complex, made up of four buildings. She supervises a team of ten undergraduate Resident Assistants and one graduate Assistant Residence Coordinator. Tiffani and her staff coordinate community initiatives/programs with focuses on the community development, the sophomore year experience, and sustainability. Tiffani also serves as a Conduct Hearing Officer in the Office of the Dean of Students.
Danny Hall
  • Danny Hall, Residence Coordinator
  • (910) 962-8616
  • hallde@uncw.edu
  • Danny is responsible for the management of Cornerstone Hall, Honors and International. He supervises thirteen Resident Assistants and one Assistant Residence Coordinator. Danny is from California and earned his M.A. at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, has served in the Peace Corps and has traveled to several countries. Danny's office is open to work with students and help them to find their passion and interests.
Meredith Vaughn
  • Meredith Vaughn, Residence Coordinator
  • (910) 962-3976
  • vaughnm@uncw.edu
  • Meredith manages the daily operations of a 400-bed, co-ed, first-year residence hall, Galloway Hall. She supervises a team of 11 Undergraduate Resident Assistants and one Graduate Assistant Residence Coordinator.
Jamar Whitfield
  • Jamar Whitfield, Residence Coordinator
  • (910)962-3975
  • whitfieldj@uncw.edu
  • Jamar oversees the daily operations of University Suites and Schwartz Hall. He advises a team of ten Undergraduate Resident Assistants and one Graduate Assistant Residence Coordinator. Jamar works with various areas of special interest housing including Fraternity & Sorority Life, Men of Teal, Health & Wellness, International Students, and Student Athletes. Jamar and his staff coordinate community initiatives/programs with focuses on student empowerment, leadership development, and diversity & inclusion. Jamar also serves as a Conduct Hearing Officer and student advocate in the Office of the Dean of Students.
Brennan Opanasenko
  • Brennan Opanasenko, Residence Coordinator
  • (910) 962-3973
  • opanasenkob@uncw.edu
  • Brennan oversees the day to day operation of Graham-Hewlett Hall, a four hundred bed residence hall of predominantly first-year students. They supervise a staff of one graduate assistant and eight resident assistants.
Clifton Williams
  • Clifton Williams , Residence Coordinator
  • (910) 962-8874
  • williamscd@uncw.edu
  • Clifton oversees the daily management of the Seahawk Village Apartments. He supervises a team of six Undergraduate Resident Assistants and one Graduate Assistant Residence Coordinator. Outside of Housing and Residence Life, Clifton serves as a conduct hearing officer in the Office of the Dean of Students, a member of the Student Affairs Diversity Committee, a member of the UNCW Sustainability Committee, and committee member for other special program planning committees.
Cassandra Jenkins
  • Cassandra Jenkins, Residence Coordinator
  • (910)962-1552
  • jenkinsc@uncw.edu
  • Cassandra manages Seahawk Landing, a six hundred and twelve bed complex, made up of seven buildings. Cassandra also supervises a team of eight undergraduate Resident Assistants and one graduate Assistant Residence Coordinator. As a part of her role, Cassandra coordinates social and educational programming, provides crisis management, and serves as a Conduct Hearing Officer in the Office of the Dean of Students.
Christa Rhodes, Interim Resident Coordinator at Belk/Apts.
  • Christa Rhodes, Interim Residence Coordinator
  • (910)962-7668
  • cdr9398@uncw.edu
  • Christa is the Interim Residence Coordinator at Belk Hall and University Apartments.
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  • Vacant, Business Services Coordinator
  • (910) 962-3241
  • This Business Services Coordinator's primary responsibilities include general administration of the housing transition processes; administer and coordinate a variety of business and/or fiscal functions. Major functions of this position includes budget management, report writing, summarizing and reconciling financial data, reviewing facilities special project budget reconciliation and percent completion of special projects. This position is also familiar with all housing assignments processes to ensure continuity in service.
Lesia Heltzel
  • Lesia Heltzel, Assignments Coordinator
  • (910) 962-3613
  • heltzell@uncw.edu
  • Lesia is the housing assignments coordinator. She makes on-campus housing assignments, maintains and updates the SCT housing module, and acts as a liaison between Housing and Residence Life and special interest housing departments such as athletics, NCTF, Honors, International Programs and Learning Communities concerning on-campus housing.
Andrea Swanson
  • Andrea Swanson, Administrative Associate
  • (910) 962-3897
  • swansona@uncw.edu
  • This position is the NSE Administrative Coordinator and does student payroll. Andrea is the RA Scholarship Coordinator, and performs Housing and Residence Life daily operations.
Laura Adams, Administrative Associate
  • Laura Adams,Administrative Associate
  • 910-962-4161
  • Laura provides secretarial duties for the Director of Housing and Residence Life, the Associate Director of Housing Operations and occasional support for the Associate Director of Residence Life. This position is also in charge of purchasing, travel, petty cash, office forms, budget monitoring and reconciliation, student charges, fixed assets, physical plant invoices, external invoices, and guest accommodation management.
Leona Baird
  • Leona Baird, Front Desk Receptionist
  • (910) 962-4190
  • bairdl@uncw.edu
  • The Front Desk Receptionist receives and processes Housing Applications and makes daily deposits.
James Coston
  • James Coston, Facilities Maintenance Coordinator
  • (910)962-3241
  • costonj@uncw.edu
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