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Honors Curriculum

The Honors College offers four primary means of enriched academic engagement: University Honors; Departmental Honors; Honors International; and, through access to research and fellowship opportunities, within the Center for the Support of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships.

Honors offers courses for students to explore a wide range of subjects. We offer honors sections of University Studies courses as well as different types of seminars. We also offer the opportunity to contract a course at honors level. More information on these courses may be found below.

At A Glance Resources for Honors Curriculum
Honors Course Booklet Fall Summer/ Fall 2016 Course Book
Honors Course Booklet Spring

2016 Course Book Spring(PDF)

Honors Contract Course Form Download an Honors Contract Course form (PDF).
Honors Student Handbook Detailed description of the four year Honors curriculum requirements and guidelines (PDF)
Departmental Honors Handbook Departmental Honors Handbook (PDF)
Honors Global Citizens and International Splashes See Honors International Page
HON 191: Introduction to Research and Discovery See this description for current sections
Curriculum Changes/ New Course Options Honors Curriculum Changes/ effective Fall 2014


Honors Courses and Contracts

Honors sections of University Studies courses: Each semester several honors sections of university studies courses will be offered on a rotating basis. These sections are usually restricted to 20 students to allow for enhanced student-faculty interaction and discussion.

Honors Seminars: Three kinds of honors seminars are offered each year.

Honors Contracts are another type of honors teaching experience.  In this class, the professor and the honors scholar student make a contract (similar to a DIS proposal) to add honors level experience(s) to an ongoing course, so that the student does "honors level work" in the class (but only that student does the work and receives the honors credit). 

What do students do for Honors Contracts? This may mean that the student engages in additional reading- such as primary sources- with additional or different types of papers for the class.  For example, the student might add a critique/analysis to a general class paper.  Or the student may learn a particular section of material well enough to make a special presentation to the class. Other examples include: synthesis of additional compounds and research report (Chemistry); community service focused on the topic of the class (Nursing); create promotional materials (newsletter and calendar); reflective journal. The idea is to engage the student more deeply in the topic of the class, develop applications, and expect mastery of specific material. 

The student must earn at least a B (3.0) to receive honors level credit for the course (designated as such on the transcript).  300 or 400 level classes in the student's major or minor are eligible for honors level contracts.  This can be a very unique learning experience to explore a particular content area in depth.

NOTE: These courses are restricted to students formally enrolled in the Honors College or others admitted by permission of the Honors director after consultation with the course instructor.


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