Defense Schedules

Fall 2017 Honors Oral Defense Information

First Name Last Name Class
Council Faculty Supervisor Declared Major Title of Project
Sarah Accattato PSY 499 Bruce Mark Galizio Psychology Effects of methylphenidate on working memory in rats
Ian Blackburn FST 499 Bruce Phil Furia Film Studies MAGIC!
Logan Richardson HON 499 Bruce Mark Galizio Biology Drug effects on working memory using an automated odor span task
Jackson Bialek BIO 499 Clark Ann Pabst Marine Biology Development of the reproductive counter-current heat exchanger in the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)
Rachel Matney PSY 499 Clark Graciela Espinosa-Hernandez Psychology The effects of parental psychological control, social pressure, and gender on Latino adolescent sexuality
Opal Potter PSY 499 complete Rachel Kohman Psychology The effects of toll-like receptor 4 on behavior
Nicholas Welch ENG 499 complete Diana Ashe English Establishing and Maintaining Authority in the Classroom: Teacher and Student Views
Trinity White MAT 499 complete Gabriel Lugo Mathematics Modeling Mathematics in Art
Hannah Coffman PAR 499 Das Don Habibi Philosophy and Religion An Analysis of the Ethical Theories in the New Hanover District Attorney's Office
Sarah Murphy OCN 499 Das Sharon Hoffmann Oceanography Reconstructing intermediate depth circulation in the Labrador Sea from marine sediments
Katharina Bucknum NSG 499 Dodson Brandy Mechling Nursing Examining relationships between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), history of self-harm behavior, and body art in college students
Alix Theodossiou NSG 499 Dodson Susan Sinclair Nursing Adverse Events Associated with Medications Taken During and Before Pregnancy
Kelley Meehan HON 499 Eulie Chad Lane Marine Biology Developing a methodology for effectively cleaning fossil bivalves
Jamie Knaub BIO 499 Eulie Ann Pabst Marine Biology Axial locomotor and vertebral mass across cetaceans
Tyler Evangelous CHM 499 Grove Ying Wang Chemistry Molecular Basis of Cataracts
Mykola Nikolayev CHM 499 Grove Michael Messina Chemistry Path integral description of H atom tunneling
Haley Norris EXS 499 Herman Robert Boyce Exercise Science Changes in Body Fat in Police Recruits Over 20 Years
Nicholas Sterling PAR 499 Herman Scott James Philosophy The Metaphysics of Time
Samantha Carroll RTH 499 Horan Candace Ashton-Forrester Recreation Therapy A Community-Wide Needs Assessment for the Ability Garden of the New Hanover County Arboretum
Sara Deskar PSY 499 Horan Robert Hakan Psychology A Study of the Relationship Between Mindfulness, Morality Threat and Defensive, Automatic Reactions
Savanna Moore SOC 499 King Mike Maume Sociology Occupational satisfaction within dental health
Caroline Orth HON 499 King Alex Porco Creative Writing Visual, Concrete, Comics, and College Poetry as 21st Century Femenist Poetics
Molly Williams ENG 499 King Nick Laudadio English The role and consequences of fantasy in children's literature
Adam Blackburn PSY 499 Moallem Alissa Dark-Freudeman Psychology Dying of laughter: A terror management approach to humor as a coping mechanism
Ariel Potter BIO 499 Moallem Jessie Jarvis Marine Biology Seagrass and oyster aquaculture interaction
Jacob Bowie EXS 499 Montwieler Wayland Tseh Exercise Science Research study in exercise studies
Will Ryman COM 499 Montwieler Jennifer Brubaker Communication Studies Media use among hispanics in the Cape Fear region
Kyle Myers-Haugh FST 499 Richardson David Monahan Film Studies Mortality and the Stigma of Death
Chamberlain Staub FST 499 Richardson Marinana Johnson Film Studies Mortality and the Stigma of Death
Courtney Lane BIO 499 Scharf Ryan Rhodes Biology Use of VL55 Medium to Culture Antibiotic-producing Bacteria from Soil Samples
Hunter Roark BIO 499 Scharf Susanne Brander Biology Immune response in M. Beryllina exposed to EDCS in early life
Nicole Donoghue HON 499 Sprod Lisa Sprod Exercise Science Dieetary and lifestyle habits of the US and Spain
Courtney Milleson EXS 499 Sprod Lisa Sprod Exercise Science Training by target heart rate versus miles and pace in recreational long distance runners
Kristen Reed EXS 499 Sprod Lisa Sprod Exercise Science The impact of carbonation on VO2 max
Rachel McCauley ANT 499 Wang William Alexander Anthropology Examining the significance of African American English vernacular to speech-language pathology
Tabor Scott CRM 499 Wang Mike Maume Criminology Criminal Sentencing Corporate Fraud (2006-present)