Dr. Ralph W. Brauer Fellowship

The Dr. Ralph W. Brauer Fellowship was created through the estate of Dr. Brauer, a long tenured professor at UNCW. It is intended to provide financial support to one or more graduate students to assist with tuition and fees, books, publications or research travel as determined by the dean of the graduate school. A committee appointed by the dean recommends recipients and the amount to be awarded.

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Alumni Association Scholarships.

The UNCW Alumni Association annually awards scholarships funded by alumni contributions. These scholarships are awarded to deserving UNCW current undergraduate and graduate students as well as incoming freshmen, incoming graduate and transfer students. All of the alumni scholarships are awarded based on academic merit.

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Graduate School’s Awards for New Scholars.

A limited number of scholarships are available to students entering any of UNCW’s graduate programs for the first time. Students do not apply for these scholarships. Instead, nominations originate with the departments, which submit their recommendations to the dean of the Graduate School. Criteria include evidence of exceptional scholarship, normally strong GRE scores (or their equivalent) and an excellent undergraduate GPA

Jane Logan Lackey Fellowship

The Jane Logan Lackey Fellowship is allocated to promote diversity within the Graduate School. An undergraduate GPA of at least 3.25 in the applicant’s major is required.

Sylvia and B. D. Schwartz Graduate Fellowship

The Sylvia and B. D. Schwartz Graduate Fellowship may be awarded to any graduate student enrolled the University of North Carolina Wilmington. The recipients are determined by a select committee appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School.

Lacy C. and Doris L. Sidbury Fellowship

The Lacy C. and Doris L. Sidbury Graduate Fellowship was established by Gwendolyn S. Solomon as a memorial to her parents. It is considered both a merit and need based fellowship subject to the criteria used by both the UNCW Graduate School and Financial Aid and Veterans Services Office.

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