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Caleb Ward student

Film Studies student Caleb Ward (above) has been hired by the Wilmington Regional Film Commission as a location scout. Caleb’s primary responsibility will be to contribute new listings and photographs to the film commission’s location database.


Nuns praying in old church lit by candlelight

Film Studies student recognized in Film Matters competition
After anonymous judging -- a double blind peer review process -- by a panel of international scholars, the first frame analysis contest of Film Matters has just been completed. UNCW Film Studies student (and soon to be graduate) Jacob Mertens won an Honorable Mention award from the panel. Congratulations, Jacob! For more info:


Touches of Love photo of man on a boat making flowers from palm leaves

FST majors, Lance Johnson, Morgan Lear, Kenny Martell and David Stewart's FST 302 documentary project Touches of Love (above) has been accepted to screen at two competitive film festivals: The Humbolt Film Festival and the Iowa City International Documentary Film Festival. Congratulations to Lance Johnson (director), Morgan Lear (Sound Mixer/Producer), Kenny Martell (Cinematographer), and David Stewart (additional Cinematography).


Jacob Mertens Royce Marcus

FST major Jacob Mertens (left) and recent FST graduate Royce Marcus (right) have been invited to present papers at the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association conference to be held April 11-14 in Boston. Jacob will present his paper Videogames as Art: Dismantling the External Protagonist. Royce will present The Digital Void: Using CGI and Cinematography to its Full Potential in Enter The Void. Presenters at prestigious academic conferences like the PCA/ACA are typically university faculty and graduate students; Jacob and Royce's participation demonstrates their extraordinary scholarship, and reflects well on our program and our faculty mentors.

FST major Ben Smith has been selected to present at the annual Colonial Academic Alliance Undergraduate Research Symposium to be held April 2012 at Old Dominion University. Ben will discuss the book trailer project he and other Film Studies students are creating as a directed independent study collaboration between the departments of Film Studies and Creative Writing. Ben was also the recipient of a CSURF Research Grant that will help fund the project.

FST major Royce Marcus was featured in the latest edition of the internationally distributed journal Film Matters. The article title is “The Art of the Frame: The Use of Framing, Montage, and Homage in The Red Balloon and The Flight of the Red Balloon”.

FST major Sheena Vaught was recently the subject of a StarNews article based on her documentary "Colestine" about Holden Beach artist Nicholas Kernstine. To read the article go to: Student Filmmaker documents local sculptor's work in ‘Colestine'

FST major Jacob Mertens was a guest speaker at Murrayville Elementary School, presenting “Poetry and Film” to the fifth grade class. He focused on specific ways that film portrays poetic thought, relating experimental filmmaking techniques to the children’s poem “The Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carol. Afterward, he held a demonstration where the students created their own film through the use of sharpies and clear leader, and projected the work for the entire class to see. This presentation was held a few weeks after National Poetry Month and a week before the Elementary School’s own student film festival, allowing for a logical connection between poetic and filmic expression.

FST graduate Adam Gilbert was featured in an article in the June 4 issue of the Wilmington Star News. Adam employs documentary and narrative techniques in his innovative wedding videography business. To read the article, go to:

FST graduate Angela Hinton was interviewed by the iconic Robert Osborne for Turner Movie Classics, and provided the introduction to the classic Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers musical "Shall We Dance."  Angela's interview and introduction was broadcast nationally on Saturday, April 30.

FST major Jeffrey Wolz
has won a coveted spot at the YouTube Creator's Institute Summer Program, a six week course in content creation taught by industry leaders to train and promote the next generation of content creators with courses on media creation, branding, technique, audience targeting, and film theory. The official YouTube announcement on May 2 featured several mini-docs about the finalists, a story in several national newspapers, and exposure to millions of media viewers.

The Ann Arbor Film Festival presented the Tom Berman Award for Most Promising Filmmaker to Richard Wiebe for his documentary Alikl. The award, which comes with a $1000 cash prize, is intended to support an emerging filmmaker that the Award Jury expects will make a significant contribution to the art of film in the course of his/her filmmaking career.

FST major Jacob Mertens was named as an honorable mention in Film International's 2010 Frank Capra Award for Excellence in Film Criticism. The internationally distributed journal has published his article online at


Faculty News

Film Studies cleans up at the Cahills!
The UNCW Faculty Senate Research Committee enthusiastically supported four Film Studies proposals for 2013 Cahill Research Awards. Congratulations to Tim Palmer, Chip Hackler, Carlos Kase, and Ana Olenina. Receiving this competitive grant is a major accomplishment that provides recognition and financial support to significant scholarship and creative work.

Sue Richardson selected as a Discere Aude Award Winner.
The Discere Aude Awards are given each year by the Chancellor to recognize outstanding efforts in student mentoring. Students on the Chancellor’s Achievement Award List are asked to nominate faculty who have made a significant impact on their development at UNCW. Thanks to Sue Richardson for her mentorship, and congratulations!

It's a Girl Thing: Tween Queens and the Commodification of Girlhood, directed by professor Shannon Silva, is an official selection of the 2012 LA Femme Film Festival and the 2012 Chicago International Social Change Film Festival.

Chip Hackler’s film Two Hours In The Dark was sited in an interview on the blog Passerby: The paragraph that comments on the film begins “The last great film I saw was ...

Shannon Silva’s feature documentary It’s A Girl Thing is an official selection at two more film festivals: THe Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, and the 19th Annual Twin Rivers Media Festival in Asheville, NC.


Lou Buttino's new feature screenplay, Shadowboxing the Mob, was voted an
official selection at the Nevada Film Festival (Las Vegas, NE) a semi-finalist at the New York International Film Festival (New York City), a finalist in the Moondance
International Film Festival (Boulder, CO), took second place at the Buffalo-
Niagra-Film Festival and earned Best of Category Award honors at the 2011
California Film Awards (San Diego, CA). The screenplay is a finalist at the Philadelphia screenplay competition, a winner of which is yet to be announced.

Shadowboxing the Mob is based on the little-known true story of Carmen
Basilio, one of America's greatest fighters (and a personal friend of
Buttino), who refused to join the mob-backed International Boxing Commission
(IBC). It cost him time, money and a shot at the title. But because Basilio
put honor ahead of glory he was key in busting up the IBC. He testified
before Congress; mobsters went to jail. Despite all this, Basilio was still able to
achieve his boyhood dream of becoming a world champion--not only as a welterweight, but as a middleweight in beating the legendary Sugar Ray Robinson.



Chip Hackler’s film Two Hours in The Dark has been selected for the New Filmmakers New York Winter Series as the anchor film in the short film program. The screening is Wed., Feb. 22 at the Anthology Film Archives.

Two Hours in the Dark movie poster

 “Two Hours in the Dark,” Chip Hackler’s dramatic short film about director Frank Capra, is being distributed by VUDU, a video-on-demand company which offers the world’s largest selection of HD movies.

Assistant Professor Shannon Silva’s film JumpaJumpa has been selected to screen at the inaugural North Carolina Family Film Festival. The festival will be held in July at the C.S. Brown Cultural Arts Center in Winton, NC.

Dr. Tim Palmer’s new book Brutal Intimacy: Analyzing Contemporary French Cinema was released this month by Wesleyan University Press. Brutal Intimacy is the first book to explore the fascinating films of contemporary France, ranging from mainstream genre spectaculars to arthouse experiments, and from wildly popular hits to films that deliberately alienate the viewer. Dr. Palmer was recently interviewed by the Los Angeles Times for an article about the career of actress Catherine Deneuve.

To read the full article, go to,0,581891.story

Dr. Todd Berliner has been named the Laszlo Orszagh Chair in American Studies and awarded a Distinguished Chair Fulbright grant to teach, lecture, conduct research, and consult on curriculum and program development in the American Studies and Cinema Studies departments at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary. The Fulbright Scholars Program offers only 30 Distinguished Chair awards across 14 countries in Europe; only one is offered in Hungary. Designed for eminent scholars with substantial experience and publications in their respective fields, the Distinguished Chair awards are the most prestigious appointments in the Fulbright Scholars Program.

Even the Heavens Weep, an award-winning 1985 documentary written by Dr. Lou Buttino, was discussed as part of a March 5 story on unions and labor organizing on  NPR’s “All Things Considered”. Following its release, PBS broadcast the documentary nationally on Labor Day for three consecutive years. Even the Heavens Weep is generally credited with the passage of a new round of legislation in regards to black lung disease. To read the original New York Times review of Even the Heavens Weep, go to

Chip Hackler’s short film Two Hours in the Dark was recently named the Best California Short by the California Film Awards competition. It's an impressive award for Chip and his movie - but also for his creative team. As we know, the film was set in California, but shot in the Carolinas.

Dave Monahan’s documentary Things Grow has been selected to screen in April at two film festivals: the Athens Film Festival in Athens, OH, and the Iowa City International Documentary Film Festival in Iowa City, IA.


Alumni News

Joselyn McDonald received the President’s Scholarship to attend Parsons The New School of Design for an MFA in Technology and Design.

Kristen Edgell is shooting and editing promos for National Geographic, such as the following:

Kasey Milliken is working as a Post-Production Assistant for season 13 of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.”

Emily Johnston is about to finish her Master’s in NC State's new Global Luxury Management program. The coursework focuses on the luxury sectors of the personal, the experiential, and the automotive. Perhaps Emily can help other successful FST grads make their luxury purchases.

Bo McKenzie and Troy Carlton have started a company called Crane House that rents motion picture cameras, cranes, and other equipment:

Joel Fernando served as DP on the documentary, “A Light in the Shadows,” about people with Wolfram Syndrome.  The film was featured in an article with a nice photo-spread in the Star News:

Kenny Martell ('12) worked as a Camera PA on two episodes of the Cinemax series "Banshee" (2013), as well as the HBO movie "Mary & Martha" (2013). Most recently he worked as a Camera PA on the feature comedy "We're the Millers" (2013) starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis. 

Ben Cohen completed an MA in Production /Screenwriting at Georgia State University, and now teaches screenwriting and film history at the New York Film Academy. He lives in Brooklyn and studies comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater.

Leif Lindjhem has been hired to write the story bible and treatment for an untitled, scripted 1-hour television drama for Smart Dog Media to be shot in Puerto Rico.

Brandon Smith works as an IT Administrator and Creative Assistant at Swordfish, a visual effects house in San Francisco. More info:

Alan Maynard works as an Assistant Editor at Trailblazer Studios in Raleigh. For more info:,Alan_Maynard

Abby Mann also works at Trailblazer Studios as an assistant editor.

Josh Prindiville is working on the documentary, “Clashing With Titans.”  Lumina News story:

Brad McDermott works at Pickerel Pie Entertainment ( in New York City as an editor and web designer. He started at the company as a UNCW Film Studies intern.

Joshua Karns (’12) worked as an Office P.A. on the pilot, “Witches of East End,” in fall 2012. He is working as the Director's Assistant on the independent feature, "The Remaining" (spring 2013).

Tiffany Albright and Cassandra Kollmer have initiated a film workshop series and film festival in Malawi, where Kollmer serves in the Peace Corps. Local organizations are partnering to identify participants from at-risk populations in the community (orphaned youth, HIV positive individuals) to take part in the workshops, where they will make their own films and screen them as part of an exhibition in the village center.  For more information:

Sheena Vaught (FST 2011) is the script supervisor on “Adrenaline”, a faith-based feature film produced by Living Waters Films. To read more about the project, see the Wilmington Star News article at

Matt Stamm’s film, “Out of the Blue,” is a student finalist at the Blue Ocean Film Festival in California, and is an official selection of the American Conservation Film Festival in West Virginia.

Richard Wiebe’s film, “Saskatchewan,” screened at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, L'Alternativa (Barcelona), CPH:DOX (Copenhagen), Rural Route Film Festival (New York), ForumDoc (Brazil), Festival of (In)appropriation (Los Angeles).  Wiebe is teaching screenwriting at the University of Iowa and writing a dissertation on WWI battle cinematography. He previously directed IC DOCS for its 10th anniversary festival, and is directing this year’s Works-in-Progress Festival (WiP):

Billy Hill’s feature documentary, “Troubled Waters,” screened at the Dixie Film Festival in Athens, Georgia on Oct. 7th.  The film focuses on a water crisis in San Antonio de Los Cobres, Argentina and follows one man’s journey to provide clean drinking water for the entire Andean town of 6,000 people.

Two FST alums were recently announced as finalists in the New York Screenplay Contest: Adrian Kennedy (with two scripts) in the TV Sitcom - Pilot competition, and Ryan Buckley in the TV Spec Script competition.

Casey Kanode is finishing his MFA in Science and Natural History Filmmaking at Montana State University. His 2nd year film "Growing Up with Gadgets" won Best NonProfessional Film at the Jackson Hole Science Media Awards.  He has shot for a National Geographic series and has AC'd on a Discovery Channel project.

Lief Lindhjem is working as a lead writer on KONA, a daytime soap opera in the vein of BAYWATCH, set in Hawaii.  Leif recently spoke to FST students here on campus about working in the film industry in LA.

Kyle Clark and Logan Hendricks are in post-production on their feature documentary, “Love at Certain Age,” about romance among the very old at a large retirement community in Florida. The FST graduates hired their former instructor, Alex Markowski, to handle the sound mix.

Adam Gilbert runs a company that makes documentary style wedding videos and corporate videos:                                                            

Elaine White is a producer for Spike TV:

Katheryn Rupert is post manager for Market Street Productions in Venice, CA. Projects include feature films, commercials and photo shoots.

Derek Pons works as an editor at 30 Rock Center for NBC.

J Patrick Stublen and Reid Peters (Editors), and Staci Dubenko (Assistant Editor) are working at, a company that promotes Asian pop culture.

Palmer Holton was a semifinalist in the prestigious Nicholl Fellowships screenwriting competition, which had over 7000 submissions for 2012.

Chase Kliber is preparing to direct a short film; an article about the production appeared in The GigSpotting Network:


photo of little boy

The Red Cape, an ambitious historical drama that began as a Film Studies departmental Honors project, has completed recording an original orchestral score in Los Angeles, and is in the final stages of post-production. The Red Cape is a vivid re-creation of the events surrounding the 1898 Wilmington race riot, the only coup de ‘etat in U.S. History. The project was directed by Nelson Oliver, and is produced by Brendon Murphy and Jon Cohen, all graduates of Film Studies. For more information on The Red Cape, visit

Kristen Edgell alumnus at National Geographic

FST alumnus Kristen Edgell (FST 2012) is working for National Geographic in Washington DC. Her position involves managing programming, ensuring continuity for on-air promos/graphics between production and marketing, and providing administrative support to National Geographic channel senior administrators.

FST alumnus Bevin Prince. Since graduating from Film Studies in 2005, Bevin Prince has co-starred on One Tree Hill, and appeared on many other television programs, including Desperate Housewives and House. Her acting career took another major step forward recently when she received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Performing Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she was named Excelsus Laureate.

FST alumnus Duncan Hill was presented with the 7th Annual Black and White Spider Awards Nominee title in the category of "People" at the Black and White Spider Awards Nomination & Winners PhotoShow in London. The live online ceremony webcast June 9, 2012 was attended by photography fans in 72 countries who logged on to see the climax of the industry's most important event for black and white photography. The awards international Jury included captains of the industry from National Geographic, Fratelli Alinari, Heffel Fine Art and the Tate Gallery. You can view the 7th Annual Winners Gallery at BLACK AND WHITE SPIDER AWARDS is the leading international award honoring excellence in black and white photography. This celebrated event shines a spotlight on the best professional and amateur photographers worldwide and honors the finest images with the highest achievements in black and white photography.

FST alumnus Chase Kliber (FST 2011). For the better part of 2012 Chase has been working as an Art PA on a certain mega-budget feature that's landed in Wilmington. Chase describes the experience thus: “Being on a show this big is wild - so much to see, so much to learn - and the people involved are all pros: trendsetters, game-changers, award-winners... you name it. They're all incredibly gracious despite their status and experience; you couldn't ask for a more welcoming group of people to work with. They're always surprised when I say I'm just a year out of college, and to be honest I'm finding it hard to believe myself. I keep telling them, 'I wish I'd done more; I wish I had more to show for myself', and they always laugh and say, 'You're 22. Look around you. What more do you need?' Part of me wants to argue, but a stronger part suspects that they might be right.”

FST alumnus Kasey Milliken (FST 2012) has been selected for an Academy of Television Arts and Sciences internship. She’ll be working at Fox Television headquarters in Los Angeles.

FST alumnus Kenneth Price (FST 2004), fresh off the success of Wonder Year, his documentary portrait of Grammy Award winning producer 9th Wonder, is starting up his next film project. The Harvard Fellow will examine hip-hop in academia largely through 9th Wonder’s experience as a Harvard professor next year. To raise funds for his new project, Kenneth started a Kickstarter account and is giving away digital downloads of The Wonder Year as a contributor reward.


Leif Lindhjem with young children in Thailand

FST alumnus Leif Lindhjem (FST 2004) has been working as a screenwriter and camera operator in Los Angeles since 2008. His award-winning script MOSSADEGH was optioned by Farzin Toussi (IN GAYLE WE TRUST) & Static Free Films earlier this year. Leif also helped develop NOT SO SMART, a clip show for SyFy, with SmartDog Media in February and subsequently wrote the pilot episode for UNSEALED, an alien conspiracy TV show. He is currently represented by Schulkin Management with whom he is writing his first novel, KUNG FU COWBOY. Originally a feature script, KUNG FU COWBOY received attention for its viability in the young adult market. As a camera operator, Leif traveled to Thailand (shown above) in March for EXTREME CHEF and has worked on such shows as MILLION DOLLAR LISTING, CHEF HUNTER, X-GAMES 2012, ZERO-G (feature documentary), PROPHETS OF SCIENCE FICTION, PUSH GIRLS and BRIDEZILLAS.

FST alumnus Brooke Littrell (FST 2011) has been accepted to the University of Southern California graduate Critical Studies program. She begins classes this Fall. She’s currently working in Los Angeles as a literary intern at the talent management company Torque Entertainment, and as a research assistant on a feature documentary project. She’s developing a screenplay she began as a Film Studies student to submit to the Nicholl Fellowship.

FST alumnus Abby Mann (FST 2012) will spend the summer in Antigua, Guatemala shooting and editing fitness/yoga videos for a health spa website.

FST alumnus Terry Hobgood, having already completed a Master of Arts degree in English with a Concentration in Film Studies at NC State, has now earned a Master's in Library and Information Science from UNC Greensboro.

FST alumnus Deborah Waddell has been accepted into the Master of Fine Arts program in Drama with a concentration in film and video production at UNC-Greensboro.

movie poster film Freeze

FST alumnus Brian Teague’s short film Freeze won the Short Narrative Gold Award at the 4th annual UNC Charlotte Short Film Festival. Freeze was selected as the festival’s closing film and drew an audience of 400.



Student Academy Award winner credits Film Studies.

FST alumnus Shaofu Zhang and his Student Academy Award winning movie Dragonboy are featured in the latest edition of UNCW Talon. As the article states:

Shaofu said the film studies program at UNCW laid the foundation that he constantly uses during his job today. Everything from cinematography to pacing and rhythm and all the things in between were invaluable to him in graduate school at the Academy of Art University and now at Imageworks. The opportunity to direct his own films at UNCW, supported his drive and confidence to create Dragonboy.

To read the entire article, go to


Janine Gericke

FST alumnus Janine Gericke (2010) UNCW Film Studies is pleased to announce that Janine Gericke was recently admitted into the highly selective and prestigious Selznick School Certificate Program at the L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film Preservation to continue her studies in film preservation and archiving.  Janine, since graduating from UNCW, has actively pursued her dual interests in librarianship and film by completing her MLS at San Jose State University, while interning at several renowned film research centers, including Anthology Film Archives, San Francisco Media Archives and the Pacific Film Archive.  Throughout the course of her studies, she has contributed in meaningful ways to the journal Film International, published by Intellect, and, consequently, was among the inaugural cohort of young, emerging writers selected for their “In the Field” initiative (  UNCW Film Studies congratulates Janine on her continued success, resulting from her passionate engagement with her field.  In her commitment to publishing and archival practice, Janine models yet another rewarding track for Film Studies graduates to follow.


James filming next to stream

FST alumnus Billy Hill ( 2006) is working on “Troubled Waters” a documentary about a community in South America whose water source has been neglected and suffered from toxic levels of Arsenic. He will be releasing the film in Argentina, Europe, and The United States. For more information on Billy’s project, go to

FST alumnus Steven McMorrow has been promoted to head production assistant at MOJO, a film trailer production company in Los Angeles.

FST alumnus Richard Wiebe is a Film Studies PhD student at the University of Iowa where he also teaches courses in film theory and production. Next year he will teach Documentary Cinema, Devotional Cinema, and History of US Microcinemas. He is the co-founder and director of Works-in-Progress (WiP), a public arts festival that showcases unfinished work by artists working in virtually every medium. Next year he will also direct the Iowa City Documentary Film Festival. Richard's short film Aliki has screened at over 50 international venues and festivals including International Film Festival Rotterdam, IndieLisboa, Cucalorus, 25 FPS (Zagreb), Anthology Film Archives, Millennium Film Workshop, Australian Experimental Film Festival and others. Aliki won several awards including cash awards at Ann Arbor Film Festival, Media City, and Milwaukee Underground Film Festival. He recently completed his next film titled Saskatchewan the uses 16mm footage shot by his grandparents in the 1940s' and 50's. Richard is also the co-host of the science/history/comedy radio show Conversations by Gary Lacrosse.

FST alumnus Rachel Yaffee, has recently been employed by a non-profit organization, Avant Ministries. She is going to live in Malaga, Spain and will be working at the Malaga Media Center for one year where she will be using a lot of different media resources including film and video.

FST alumnus, Tiffany Albright (Spring '11) is currently working as the Development Intern for the New York Film Festival. Since 1963, The New York Film Festival has continued to bring new and important cinematic works by filmmakers from around the world. The Festival includes official film selections along with special events, panel discussions, directors dialogues, the experimental film showcase Views from the Avant-Garde, and much more. The festival is produced by the Film Society of Lincoln Center to celebrate the development of international film art and contemporary trends in content, form and style.

FST alumnus, Gabby Follett (Spring '11) has just accepted the Traveling Tour internship position at the Ann Arbor Film Festival in Ann Arbor, Michigan. AAFF is a pioneer of the traveling film festival tour concept, starting with film screenings in Paris, Los Angeles and Berkeley in 1964. Since that time, the AAFF Tour has presented hundreds of influential works, including films by Barbara Hammer, Gus Van Sant, Sally Cruikshank, Don Hertzfeldt, Bill Brown, Ross McLaren, Paul Winkler, James Duesing, Martha Colburn and Jay Rosenblatt. Beginning in July 2011 and continuing through February 2012, the Ann Arbor Film Festival Tour will visit galleries, art house theaters, universities, media arts centers and cinematheques throughout the world. The tour will offer several distinct programs of recent independent and experimental short films from the 49th Ann Arbor Film Festival across all genres: experimental, documentary, animation, narrative and hybrids.

FST alumnus, Laura Murphy (Spring '11) is a post-production, documentary intern at Public Policy Productions in NYC. Since 1982, Public Policy Productions has produced twenty-nine documentaries on subjects ranging from health care, aging, and the environment to defense policy, child welfare, adolescent sexuality, and criminal justice. All of these documentaries have aired in prime time on PBS in the U.S. and several were sold to television markets around the world. All were extensively distributed in the home video market and educational market worldwide. PPP’s documentaries have won over one hundred awards including Peabody, Emmy, and duPont-Columbia awards. Additionally, since graduating in May, her senior thesis film, Sanctuary, has been accepted into the Blue Planet Film Festival, Global Peace Film Festival and Cucalorus Film Festival.

FST alumnus, Andy Myers (Spring '11) joined Working Films in the summer of 2011 as a Community Engagement Coordinator for the film campaign Dirty Business: “Clean Coal” And the Battle for Our Energy Future. Working Films brings persuasive and provocative documentary films to long-term community organizing and activism. They are one of the nation’s leading independent media organization focused on the art of engagement. The organizations goal is to link non-fiction filmmaking with cutting-edge activism.

FST alumnus Jennifer Hook works as the "Video Marketing Specialist" at Filmtools in Los Angeles. She is responsible for making videos and covering events for the major film production equipment supplier.

FST alumnus Caroline Roberts started as an intern at the Weinstein Company. Caroline now works for Rob Marshall, the director of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and the best picture Academy Award winner Chicago.

FST alumnus Devin DiMattia’s documentary "Firewall of Sound" was recently named Best Documentary at the Carolina Film and Video Festival, which took place at UNC-Greensboro. More info is at Devin’s film has also been voted Best Local Independent Film in Encore Magazine here in Wilmington.

FST alumnus Jason Barber is working as a grip on the film The Hunger Games.

FST alumnus Andy Bader shot a reality-style TV program called Health Crisis in Carolina.

FST alumnus Dominique Barnes worked as a foley artist on 2 feature films: Brief Reunion and The Trial.

FST alumnus Tyler Belile is working at Intuitive Entertainment as an Asst Editor. He will produce a feature project titled Summer Dream in fall 2010. Fellow FST alumnus will write and direct the film. This is their first feature length film under their new production company, MacMillan Ave Pictures, LLC. Tyler and Taylor’s FST 495 project The Curious Case of Benjamin Bellybutton can be seen on

FST alumnus Amir Berhannu is a 3rd year law student at NCCU, where he was offered a full scholarship. He is working on a documentary about Native Americans titled Indian Country.

FST alumnus Michelle (Scheli) Boley is currently filming a reality-style TV program called Health Crisis in Carolina that she wrote and is the lead producer on. She also just produced a commercial shoot in Costa Rica.

FST alumnus Chris Bowen is currently doing an internship in LA, doing script coverage for Lionsgate. In the fall, he will begin his second year of the Writing for the Screen + Stage MFA program at Northwestern University.

FST alumnus Wesley Brown is working full time for Legion Productions, and is the president/owner of a non-profit theatre troupe in Wilmington, NC. He recently directed a stage adaption of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

FST alumnus Luke Bruehlman is in Pittsburgh fundraising for his new short film, As It Is In Heaven. He is applying for grants and has a Kickstarter campaign in the works.

FST alumnus Jessica Buchanan works as a production coordinator and producer in Los Angeles. Her recent credits include: Flipping Vegas; The Week The Women Went, Associate Producer, BBC Worldwide, airing on Lifetime; Flipping Vegas - Season One, Production Coordinator, Loveable Scoundrels productions, airing on A&E; Hookers: Saved On The Strip, Post Production Coordinator, Sara Productions, aired on Investigation Discovery. Flipping Vegas, Production Associate, Sara Productions, Aired on A&E; The Ultimate Merger Logger, Juma Entertainment, aired on TV One. Anne Chickering has moved to Los Angeles and is looking for work in production design.

Alumni News Archives


 Film Studies in the News

The Cave movie poster  


Flicker Film Society’s April 13 REEL TEAL Film Festival was a success: short movies, big crowd, huge fun. Congratulations to Flicker and to all of the award winners:

Film Matters - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education — 3/12/2010
Please click HERE to see an article on the new journal Film Matters in The Chronicle Review. The article features interviews with UNCW's Tim Palmer and Liza Palmer, and discusses the content of the new journal as well as UNCW's partnership with Intellect Press.

Film Studies Welcomes Intellect Press to King Hall — 9/24/2009
Intellect Press will soon have a location in King Hall on the UNCW campus. Intellect Press is a publishing company based out of Bristol, England and will be working with Film Studies on the first ever undergraduate film magazine, Film Matters. The undergraduate film magazine will be the product of a new Film Studies course, FST 369 Special Topics in Film Studies: Producing the Undergraduate Film Magazine, that is being offered this fall.

Click HERE for a recent article written about this exciting partnership between Intellect Press and the Film Studies department.

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