Faculty and Staff

The Film Studies Department faculty represents the department's commitment to the integration of film study and filmmaking. The faculty is made up of published scholars and active filmmakers whose work engages a broad spectrum of cinema studies and creative expression.


Dave Monahan, M.F.A., Department Chair and Associate Professor

Phone: (910) 962-7502
E-mail: monahand@uncw.edu
Office: King Hall, 102C


Todd Berliner, Ph.D., Associate Chair and Professor

Phone: (910) 962-3336
E-mail: berlinert@uncw.edu
Office: King 106D

Lauren Fitch

Lauren Babson, Administrative Associate

Phone: (910) 962-2057
Email: babsonl@uncw.edu
Office: King Hall, 103C

Nandana Bose

Nandana Bose, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Phone: (910) 962-2455
Email: bosen@uncw.edu
Office: King Hall, 102D

Lou Buttino

Lou Buttino, Ph.D., Professor

Phone: (910) 962-7141
E-mail: buttinol@uncw.edu
Office: King Hall, 106E

Aaron Cavazos

Aaron Cavazos, Equipment and Editing Suite Supervisor


Phone: (910) 962-7369
Email: cavazosa@uncw.edu
Office: Kenan Hall, Room 1121

Alex DaSilva

Alex DaSilva, Temp Administrative Associate


Phone: (910) 962-7502
Email: dasilvaa@uncw.edu
Office: King Hall, Room 102

Chip Hackler Chip Hackler, M.F.A., Associate Professor

Phone: (910) 962-7389
E-mail: hacklerc@uncw.edu
Office: King Hall 102G


Elizabeth Humphrey, M.F.A., Part-Time Faculty


Phone: (910) 962-7502
Email: humphreye@uncw.edu
Office: King Hall, Room 106G


Mariana Johnson, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Phone: (910) 962-2228
Email: johnsonm@uncw.edu
Office: King Hall 102A

Carlos Kase

J. Carlos Kase, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Phone: (910) 962-2507
Email: kasej@uncw.edu
Office: King Hall 106F


Mariah Kramer, M.F.A., Part-Time Faculty


Phone: (910) 962-7502
Email: kramerm@uncw.edu
Office: King Hall, Room 106G


David Kreutzer, M.F.A., Part-Time Faculty


Phone: (910) 962-7502

Email: kreutzerd@uncw.edu

Office: King Hall Room 106G


Terry Linehan, M.A., Lecturer

Phone: (910) 962-2231
Email: linehant@uncw.edu
Office: King Hall 106B


Alexander Markowski, M.A., CAS, Part-Time Faculty

Phone: (910) 288-9826
Email: markowskia@uncw.edu
Office: King Hall, Room 106G

Dr. Ana Olenina

Ana Hedberg Olenina, Ph.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor

Phone: (910) 962-2440
Email: oleninaa@uncw.edu
Office: King Hall 106C


Glenn Pack

Glenn Pack, M.A., Senior Lecturer

Phone: (910) 962-7882
Email: packg@uncw.edu
Office: King Hall 106A

Liza Palmer

Liza Palmer, M.A., Film Matters Managing Editor

Phone: (910) 962-7475
Email: palmerl@uncw.edu
Office: King Hall, 102B

Tim Palmer

Tim Palmer, Ph.D., Professor

Phone: (910) 962-7475
Email: palmert@uncw.edu
Office: King Hall 102B

Steven Pustay

Steven Pustay, Ph.D., Part-Time Faculty


Phone: (910) 962-7502
Email: pustays@uncw.edu
Office: King Hall, Room 106G

Elizabeth Rawitsch

Elizabeth Rawitsch, Ph.D., Part-Time Faculty


Phone: (910) 962-7502
Email: rawitsche@uncw.edu
Office: King Hall, Room 106G

Dr. Sue Richardson

Sue Richardson, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer/Academic Coordinator Advisor

Phone: (910) 962-3326
Email: richardsongr@uncw.edu
Office: King Hall 103B

Andre Silva

Andre Silva, M.F.A., Assistant Professor

Phone: (910) 962-2229
Email: silvaa@uncw.edu
Office: King Hall, 102E

Shannon Silva Shannon Silva, M.F.A., Associate Professor

Phone: (910) 962-2232
Email: silvas@uncw.edu
Office: King Hall 102I

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