Pew Research Center

Explore the changing world of journalism by checking out what's getting reported, who's reporting it and how the world is getting its news. More details are here.

Journalism Resources

Pew has an extensive list of tools for journalists. Check them out here.


This organization supplies tip sheets, writing exercises, reports and many more resources for the beginning - or more experienced - reporter. Check out the website here.


Tip sheets and storytelling help are all here from Poynter. More details are here.


This Washington center for journalism features exhibits, interviews with reporters and editors and the world's front pages, all for the clicking. See the rest of the Newseum here.

video exhibit

One of the many permanent exhibits at the Newseum is a collection of videos, including author interviews, virtual tours and much, much more. Take a look.


NY Daily News

Click here

Washington Post

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Los Angeles Times

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Lecturer Shirley Mathews introduces Bloomberg senior editor Rick Green to her International Journalism class. - Photo by Rory Laverty

Lecturer Shirley Mathews introduces Bloomberg senior editor Rick Green (r), to her International Journalism class. - Photo by Rory Laverty

Journalism Minor

Across disciplines

This 21-hour minor draws from the rich array of courses offered by both the English Department and the Communcations Department to give students a broad base of knowledge that applies directly and practically to the world of print, online and broadcast journalism.

Students sharpen their writing, reporting and editing skills, with an eye to becoming part of the professional journalism community. They leave this minor with a firm foundation in the concepts that make a professional in this industry.

Students are further encouraged to create video and audio stories and to explore in depth the world of online news publishing.

Core Courses

Core (9 hours)

ENG 202 Introduction to Journalism
ENG 204 Introduction to Technical Writing
COM 361     Media Law and Ethics
COM 362     Communication Ethics

COM Electives

Choose two courses for 6-hour total

COM 265     Media, Culture and Society I
COM 268     Broadcast Journalism I
COM 280     Introduction to Digital Video Production
COM 465     Media, Culture and Society II

*If not taken as a core course

Bloomberg senior editor Rick green talks to Shirley Mathews' International Journalism class. - Photo by Rory LavertyENG Electives

Choose two courses for 6-hour total

ENG 301      International Journalism
ENG 302      Journalism Workshop
ENG 305      Professional Review Writing
ENG 306      Essay Writing
ENG 310      Theory and Practice of Editing

ENG 311      Professional Magazine Writing
ENG 313      Writing About Sciences
ENG 314      Writing and Technology
ENG 315      Topics in Writing and Rhetoric
ENG:319:     Document Design
ENG 322      Language and Meaning
ENG 498      Internship in Writing

Other Courses

Other courses may be counted toward the minor if approved by the program coordinator.

At least 9 elective hours must be at the 300 or 400 level.

Courses taken to fulfill the Communication Studies major cannot be used to fulfill requirements for the Journalism minor requirements.

A minimum grade of "C" (2.0) is required in all courses counted toward the journalism minor, and the cumulative grade point average in these courses must be at least 2.5.
Some courses listed above have prerequisites or other entry requirements.


For more information:

Dr. Jennifer Brubaker
Associate Professor & Journalism Minor Coordinator
Department of Communication Studies
        Leutze Hall #234

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