need a job ... ?

We've assembled an extensive list of job sites specifically tailored for our students.

Or an internship...?

The English Department can place interns in more than 60 local and national organizations. And if you don't see one you like, we're happy to figure out an organization or agency that you can like. Check out this national list.


dow jones news fund

The platinum internship for writers and editors. These competitive paid summer internships in business reporting, news, multimedia and sports copy pave the way for top-flight careers. With this on your resume, doors open. Details and the application are here. Nervous about the test? Take a look at these past tests.

UNCw preliminary test

Before the Dow Jones signs you up, you have to take a grammar, punctuation, current affairs test given on the campus each fall. Contact student media advisor Bill DiNome for details on time and place.


publishing jobs

No matter how tight the job market, there is always plenty of movement in the publishing industry. Here is an up-to-date listing of such jobs as literary assistant, copy editor, editorial assistant and much, much more.

wanted: copy editors

Checking grammar, punctuation and facts may not be glamorous, but there is always a need for good copyeditors. Take a look at a current list of open jobs.


Spring intern application deadline

Nov. 18

Summer intern application deadline

April 18
A student stands in front of one of the English in Action displays in Randall Library. -- Photo by Miguel Constantine, UNCW Photography Club



I don’t know where to start. How do I get an internship?


The quickest way to answer that question is to click on our Are You Eligible? link. Answer the queries, and if you’re fine there, you can take the next step. Go to our internship home page; the process is spelled out in detail. Really, it’s easy.


Help! I applied for an internship, it’s almost the beginning of the semester, and I don’t see ENG 498 on my Blackboard course list. Is something wrong?


Chances are, you’re fine. If you don’t see the course show up in your course list by the first day of class, contact the Internship Coordinator immediately. In the meantime, check with the registrar (962-3125) to see if there is any problem that needs to be resolved at that end of the process.


I know a company that I’m dying to work for, and they say they’d love to have me as an intern. Is this possible?


Absolutely. In fact, many of our internships come out of a student’s own efforts to work in areas they’re passionate about. Contact the Internship Coordinator with details about the company and the internship, and we’ll see if we can make it happen.


Someone told me that if I'm paid for an internship, I can't get credit for it. Is this true?


Absolutely not. If you're lucky enough to find a paid internship, we're delighted. And you get credit.


Does an internship at the Writing Center count towards my Certificate in Professional Writing?


Yes, it does.


Does an internship at the Freshman Academy at New Hanover High School count towards my Certificate in Professional Writing?


No, it doesn't. It's one-on-one tutoring that really involves no writing.

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