Why Watson? Let Our Students & Graduates Tell You!

Sam Smithson
Political Science and Social Studies Major

Amanda Schlaeppi
Elementary Education Major

Graham Pate
Elementary Education Major with ESL Add-on Licensure

Andrea Blair,
Senior, Secondary Education major with a minor in Math, Teaching Fellows.

Jeremy Brewer
Senior, Elementary Education with a minor in Psychology

Heather Smith 
Senior, Elementary Education

“I am SO excited that I have graduated from the Watson College of Education. I have had an amazing experience being there and am thrilled to educate future generations!”

Rhett Murrow
B.A. in English with Secondary Education Teacher Licensure
December ‘13

“Thank you . . . for your devotion to your students. I have always told others how I have never felt like a number, but rather an individual, despite a sea of many at UNCW. You are a remarkable faculty at Watson.”

Sarah Jane Starzynski
B.A. in Elementary Education
Fall ‘13

"I want to recognize the collaboration with the University of North Carolina Wilmington, as one that was not only fruitful but a prototype of the future of education in a rapidly globalizing world."

Angelique Ayuso
M.Ed. in Secondary Education
UNCW- Galen University, Belize
December ’13

“I cannot thank the Watson College of Education enough for all of the amazing opportunities it has given me.”

Elizabeth Tanner
B.A. in Middle Grades Education
Spring ‘14

“Thank you for your dedication, professionalism and support. I feel that I am a better teacher and further equipped to lead in my field as a result of the Language and Literacy Education program. I am excited to have achieved a Master in Education at UNCW and am grateful for your contribution to my knowledge and experience!”

Kimberly Guthrie
M.Ed. in Education/Language and Literacy Education
December ‘13

"The MIT program has truly provided me with the advanced technology skills that I sought originally as my primary reason for applying to the program. The knowledge and skills that I have obtained from this program helped me secure a position, and for that I am truly grateful to all of my professors and fellow graduate students. . . . I will always remember you and this program fondly."

Daniella Leonora Williams
M.S. in Instructional Technology
December ‘13

“During my interview I was asked about Adobe products I have used and because of my courses in the MIT program I not only told the panel about my experiences but could show them my products... I was able to use both my recent program management course knowledge and instructional design knowledge to answer their questions with ease. I appreciate the rigor and high expectations of the MIT program. The MIT program is a valuable asset for UNCW and I want to thank the faculty for making that happen.”

Shelia Kay Case
M.S.in Instructional Technology
Summer ‘14

“The MAT Secondary Program at UNCW thoroughly prepared me for my current position teaching Physical & Earth Science. The hands-on experience gained during my field work was invaluable, allowing me to know what to expect in my classroom from the first day. Faculty and staff at the UNCW Watson College of Education took the time to truly know all Secondary MAT students and supported our growth as beginning teachers at an individual level. The science education faculty introduced me to issues specific to teaching science, including the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and inquiry-based learning. My mentors at UNCW have taken interest in me beyond my education in the program, and help support me in my career even today.”

Nicole Martin
M.A.T. in Secondary Education
Spring ‘13

“I also want to say that the faculty are amazing teachers and have been a backbone of support. As an older student, I have been welcomed by students, faculty and staff. I taught in Massachusetts for 30 years and there is no license available that resembles the B-K license. Somehow you should spread the word about this program. It is unique, relevant, a lot of work, and a great resource for NC EYC teachers to get extra training to further their career.”

Mary Lee McKell
B-K licensure, Education of Young Children
May ‘14

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