MAT Program Requirements

The MAT program is designed to develop highly competent and caring professionals to serve in educational leadership roles. Both the online program and the on campus program are designed around five core principles. However, these principles are addressed through different strategies within the two programs. The five core principles are the following:

The 33-semester hours program is comprised of 27 semester hours in professional education competency areas and 6 hours in the academic specialization. The M.A.T. in Secondary Education is offered in the following specialties: English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. (Spanish for licensure grades K-12 is under consideration).

1. Core (9 hours)

2. Pedagogical Expertise (6 hours)

3. Professional Development (12 hours)

Academic Specialization
All content area courses must be approved by advisor

A. ENGLISH—(6 hours)

B. HISTORY —(6 hours)

C. MATHEMATICS —(6 hours)

D. SCIENCE —(6 hours)

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