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We are accepting applications for summer enrollment in the campus and online MAT programs in Secondary Education. Apply by May 15th! Please contact Dr. Ginger Rhodes for more information (

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Contact Information

Program Coordinator

Dr. Ginger Rhodes

Department of Instructional Technology, Foundations and Secondary Education
Watson College of Education
University of North Carolina
601 South College Road
Wilmington, NC 28403-5980



Welcome to the M.A.T in Secondary Education Program

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Secondary Education program in the Watson College of Education offers an exciting opportunity for students with an undergraduate degree in Mathematics, Science, History and English who are seeking a secondary teaching license. Housed within the state-of-the-art Education Building, students are trained to develop and apply learned skills to be successful in today's globally competitive, diverse high school classrooms. With the use of research and technology, the MAT program prepares future teachers to create innovative and interactive learning environments meeting the needs of today's high school students. As part of course requirements, students are given the chance to work closely with high school educators who are leading the way with progressive and new educational programs such as small learning communities and early college programs. The MAT in Secondary Education program facilitates the necessary skill building for students to pursue their passion for teaching and become a teacher leader in today's public schools. There are two MAT options for students:

  • On campus, one-year MAT program
  • Online and flexible two-year MAT program

Program Objectives

Student Learning Outcome

Standards Alignment

SLO1: Demonstrate breadth of content knowledge, as well as depth of content knowledge, in the selected discipline area necessary for effective instructional decision making.

UNCW Learning Goals: Foundational Knowledge, Information Literacy
NC Professional Teaching Standard III
NCATE Unit Standards: I, III

SLO2: Demonstrate a well-articulated knowledge of leadership communities, and issues that impact teaching in a high school setting.

UNCW Learning Goals: Foundational Knowledge, Inquiry, Critical Thinking, Thoughtful Expression
NC Professional Teaching Standard IV
NCATE Unit Standards: I, III, IV

SLO3: Demonstrate effective instructional practices including working with the developmental and learning needs of individuals, including adolescents with special needs and ESL/ELL populations.

UNCW Learning Goals: Foundational Knowledge, Critical Thinking, Diversity, Global Citizenship
NC Professional Teaching Standard II
NCATE Unit Standards: I, III, IV

SLO4: Establish a classroom climate conducive to the learning, social and emotional needs of adolescents.

UNCW Learning Goals: Foundational Knowledge, Critical Thinking, Diversity
NC Professional Teaching Standard II
NCATE Unit Standards: I, III, IV

SLO5: Choose objectives consistent with state and local curriculum guidelines, the learning needs of students, and guidelines established by learned societies.

UNCW Learning Goals: Foundational Knowledge, Information Literacy
NC Professional Teaching Standard III
NC Professional Teaching Standard IV
NCATE Unit Standards: I, III, IV

SLO6: Demonstrate effective teaching using appropriate assessments and evaluative procedures, positive impact on student learning, self-reflection, and appropriate professional dispositions.

UNCW Learning Goals: Foundational Knowledge, Critical Thinking
NC Professional Teaching Standard IV
NCATE Unit Standards: I, III
NC Professional Teaching Standard V
NCATE Unit Standards: I, III


The campus program is a "one full- year" MAT program. Teacher Candidates must enroll full-time and complete the program as an 'interdisciplinary team'.

We are currently accepting applications for COHORT 7! The pedagogical training of the MAT program will begin summer session 2016 with graduate coursework. Extensive high school field experiences begin during both Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters. The program will offer teacher licensure in high school English, mathematics, science, and social studies. Students that successfully complete the program will earn an M- level North Carolina teacher licensure in a secondary content area and an Master of Arts in Education graduate degree.

Program of study, admission requirements, and further details have been posted. Please use the links on the left of the webpage to navigate the website.
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There are two admission deadlines for the campus MAT program. Be advised: Admission to the MAT program is highly competitive!

  • The Spring, early admission deadline is October 15th.
    Be advised: Students admitted to the MAT program for the Spring semester will be advised to take only graduate content courses (6 hours required) and peripheral pedagogy courses during the Spring Semester.
  • The Summer, traditional admission deadline is April 15.

MAT cohort 7 (academic year - 2016/2017) program is scheduled to begin with Summer Session I. The cohort will earn an MAT Graduate Degree and NC Teacher Licensure after successful completion of the Spring Semester internship ending in May, 2017.

If applicants have current undergraduate program conflicts (i.e. "I don't graduate until mid-May"), please contact the program coordinator. Together, we can generate solutions to time conflicts.

Applications will only be considered if spaces are still available, and will be reviewed without penalty. NOTE: Licensure requirements are adjusted to accommodate new mandated competencies and guidelines.

"The UNCW MAT Secondary program changed my life! In three rigorous semesters of course work and field experience teaching in a high school, the program provided me the knowledge and skills towards becoming an educator in the classroom and a leader in the high school system. In less than a year, the cohort program allowed me to earn a Master's Degree and a NC teaching license at the same time. But most importantly, the MAT program gave me the full confidence I needed towards becoming a truly effective teacher of high school students!"
Howard J. Jenkins, Cohort 2, 2012 UNCW Graduate

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