TESL Add-On Licensure Courses

An essential aspect of the program is the opportunity to engage in field-based experiences in a variety of settingsThere are two courses in the TESL program that require a field experience. The Office of Professional Experiences will work with you to arrange a set of diverse and enriching field experiences. We engage students in classrooms across our Professional Development System http://www.uncw.edu/ed/pds/partners/schools.html but realize that prospective TESL add-on licensure students may also have placement considerations due to location and employment.  For questions about field experience placements, please contact Dr. N. Eleni Pappamihiel.

Undergraduate Course Descriptions
Graduate Course Descriptions

Undergraduate Courses Credit Hours Prerequisite
EDN 265 Teaching English language learners † 3 None
EDN 326 Applied Linguistics for ESL 3 None
EDN 423 Second Language Acquisition 3 None

EDN 312 English Grammar for Teachers

3 None
EDN 417 Second Language Methods † 3 EDN 265, EDN 316
EDN 418 Assessment for English Language Learners † 3 EDN 265, EDN 316, EDN 417
Total Credit Hours 18  
*Students who have received a grade of “B” in both SPN 307 and 308 may substitute these classes for ENG 320.

Graduate Courses Credit Hours Prerequisite
EDN 511 Introduction to ESL † 3 None
EDN 537 Linguistics for Teachers (ENG 525 may be substituted) 3 None
EDN 516 Second Language Acquisition Research & Theory 3 None
EDN 519 Pedagogical Grammar for Teachers 3 None
EDN 517 Methods for Second Language Learners † 3 EDN 511, EDN 516
EDN 518 English as a Second Language Assessment 3 EDN 511, EDN 516, EDN 517
Total Credit Hours 18  

† This course requires a field experience

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