Leadership in Higher Education Concentration

Students will take a set of courses that focus on areas related to higher education, such as student learning theory, innovation in higher education, accountability and assessment, policy and law, and resource management. All students are required to take one internship course (2 credits each). Students may select from an international study abroad internship, a business and government internship or an educational internship. Specific details will be determined in consultation with a faculty advisor. Students will also select appropriate electives to meet the program requirement of 60 credits.

Ed.D. Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Lead systemic organizational change
  2. Facilitate educational reform
  3. Investigate, refine, and integrate global education in their practice
  4. Serve urban and rural communities
  5. Serve diverse students and families
  6. Integrate interdisciplinary knowledge- e.g., from education, business, government
  7. Expand international connections
  8. Apply emerging technologies
  9. Use research and data to inform decisions

LHE Concentration Coordinator

Dr. Kevin McClure