Upcoming Events

The Ed Lab holds a Math Fair each semester approximately two weeks after the mid-semester break.  Student enjoy playing learning games based on mathematical thinking.

Author Showcase occurs each semester the week after Math Fair.  Keep an eye out for flyers from your child's Ed Lab teacher!




2013 Author Showcase

Special Events

Author Showcase

A great learning experience, The Author Showcase, occurs each semester in the Ed Lab. The Author Showcase is a collection of childrens' writings and drawings that are published each semester by the Ed Lab staff. A special celebration is held during which children read their work to their parents, other family members, and friends. Tutors assist students as appropriate and celebrate their students' development as readers and writers.

Author Showcase Fall 2014

Math Fair

The Math Fair is a similar celebration for children who have been tutored in math. Once a semester, students in the math methods class design math learning activities. These tutor-made materials are then displayed in the Ed Lab as an invitation for tutors and children to examine and explore.


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