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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dear COM, PCOM and COM 105 students,

Remember to… remember in the summer how you said you were going to get off to a great start this semester. How’s that going? Be the person you planned to be!


Play Video Games? Professor Lapierre needs your help!

“I am doing a study examining the use of violent video games and need some advice about a game. I would like to talk to a couple of students who play video games on a regular basis, particularly games featuring first-person shooter, collaborative games, and/or action adventure games. This is not a long or formal conversation, I just need 15-20 minutes of your time to get a sense of what kinds of games are out there.

Thank you!”


Matthew Lapierre



Key Dates for COM and PCOM:


‘Pre-Professional Programs’ is on Facebook. If you are thinking about law, health, and similar professions after UNCW consider liking the UNCW Pre-Professional Programs Facebook page. This provides students with current information regarding graduate programs, application process updates, test preparation programs and so much more.

Note: This does not replace the pre-health and pre-law bi-weekly newsletters distributed during the school year. Newsletters will continue to be focused on campus workshops, programs and courses just for UNCW students. If they have not signed up already, they can enroll with us today at www.uncw.edu/preprofessional to receive 2 newsletters a month from us.


The Seahawk Needs YOU! We're looking to bring writers, reviewers, photographers, editors, graphic designers, cartoonists and marketers on board. We're happy to work with all skill levels in any of these fields.

For strong editors, there are positions open on the editorial board. Anyone interested can contact me, Hunter, the Editor-in-Chief, at hvh1243@uncw.edu.


Do you love baseball and want announcer experience? The Optimist baseball park is looking for volunteer public address announcers. If you’d like to learn more about announcing and other aspects of running a baseball league and volunteer for a great organization contact:

Jay Biba at Office- 910-791-4516 or Mobile- 704-989-1644. Feel free to volunteer with a friend who also likes baseball!


Looking for a reason to go downtown? The Cape Fear Museum has an exhibit on communication technologies. “View a sample of the technologies that have changed the ways people in southeastern North Carolina have kept in touch. Cape Fear Museum’s collection includes thousands of artifacts related to both manual and digital methods of communication.” Might give you a great idea for a term project! Learn more and get directions at www.capefearmuseum.com


Tune into NPR tomorrow, Friday August 29, at 3:00pm! Our very own Matthew Lapierre will be featured on The Best of Our Knowledge, a radio show which examines some of the issues unique to college campuses, looks at the latest research, and invites commentary from experts and administrators from all levels of education. The show airs on 76 stations nationwide.



Some helpful advice from our COM alumni!

Eileen Vincett made it to our COM Alumni Spotlight last year and you may have missed it, but you didn’t miss out! Eileen graduated from UNCW in 2001 with a degree in Communication Studies and is now the Senior Designer of Men’s Accessories in London, England. Here is a glimpse at what she wanted to share with all of our COM and potential COM majors!

What advice would you give current COM majors?
Pay attention in class and apply what you learn every day while studying. Start thinking now about your goals and aspirations once you finish your COM studies degree. Take it from me...you can pick any field and the tools taught at UNCW will get you there if you make a plan, work your butt off (nothing will be given to you), and network network network. One more thing....Linkedin is for colleagues and recruiters...Facebook is for friends. There is a difference. Best of luck to you all!

Take Eileen’s advice to heart at the start of this semester and see how far planning, hard work and networking gets you by the end of it!

Check out the link to see the rest of Eileen’s responses: http://uncw.edu/com/alumni/vincett.html Follow this link to see our current Alumni Spotlight: http://www.uncw.edu/com/alumni/month.html (this page is updated every 3 months so keep checking back! Also find links to previous Alumni Spotlight entries at the bottom of the Alumni Spotlight page).


Dov Seidman wrote a bestseller called How in which he reminds his readers that the process of how we get things done can be as critical or even more critical than what we get done or what our ultimate goals are. How are you getting things done? Is your approach sustainable? Admirable? Toxic? Take a few minutes in traffic to think about it.

Peace out,

Dr. Olsen, Chair

Communication Studies

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