B.A. Requirements

A student may apply to the Communication Studies program and become a Pre-Communication Studies (PCOM) major after earning a minimum 24 semester credit hours and a grade of "B" or above in COM 105: Introduction to Communication Studies.  A PCOM major becomes a Communication Studies (COM) major by earning a grade of "B" or above in COM 200: Research Methods. All UNCW continuing and transfer students are subject to this gateway at the time of application.

More information about the PCOM Gateway can be found by revisiting our Admissions page, left side menu, or by clicking the following link: Admissions.

Core Courses

Flexibility is the key to a communication studies degree at UNCW. The major is designed to afford each student the opportunity to create a program of study around a core of required courses.

To earn a B.A. degree in Communication Studies, the following courses must be completed. A minimum 2.00 GPA is required for these core courses.

Additional COM Course Work

Majors must also complete 21 hours of additional COM coursework following these stipulations:

With respect to these 21 hours, note the following restrictions on the maximum number of credit hours, towards the COM major, for these courses:

A maximum number of credit hours may be counted toward graduation from these courses as follows;*

*A minimum of 124 semester hours of credit and a minimum GPA of 2.00 are required by the University for graduation. To see further details on graduation requirements please click the following link; Requirements for Graduation.

Recommended Courses and Course Descriptions

The following links may be helpful in planning your course schedule.

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