Special Topics Summer 2014

COM 495-001 Media, Identity & Difference
Day/Time: MTWR 10:15am-12:20pm
Dr. Chadwick Roberts

Course Description: This course examines representations of difference and identity formation in a variety of media. Our focus will be on how people come to understand themselves as gendered, racialized, sexed, and sexual human beings; how the meanings of these categories are created and communicated through various media, and how they can be challenged and resisted. We will be considering issues of authorship, spectatorship, media audiences and the ways in which various media content (film, television, advertising, journalism, new media) enables, facilitates and challenges these social constructions in society.  In addition, we will examine how gender and race affects the production of media and discuss how new media and digital media and how it has transformed access and participation.  Students will analyze gendered andracialized language and embodiment as it is produced online in blogs and vlogs, gaming, social media, and the construction of cyberidentities.  Students will engage key course concepts and critique various media artifacts through creative practice, presentations, writing, and primary research.

Special Topics Fall 2014

COM 295-001 Social Media & Strategic COM
Day/Time: TR 2:00-3:15pm
Instructor: Dr. Hana Noor Al-Deen

Course Description: This course provides comprehensive and original scholarly research that exhibits the strategic implementation of social media in both advertising and public relations. It also covers policies, codes of ethics, and recommendations that are set by such businesses for best practices. Reading assignments in the text and perhaps from outside sources, discussions, short assignments, and class participation should be expected. Your class participation is crucial for your learning so please try to contribute to the class efficiently and productively.

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