The following scholarships are offered by the Department of Communication Studies. To view previous scholarship winners navigate to Department Showcase or follow this link; Scholarship Winners. Scholarships winners will be announced at the end of each academic year.

To apply for UNCW Scholarships (including the scholarships listed below):

The Dr. Betty Jo Welch Communication Studies Alumni Scholarship

Providing leadership and guidance to those around her is the legacy of the late Dr. Betty Jo Welch, communication studies professor and first coordinator of the Division of Speech Communication (then a part of the Department of Creative Arts).  As UNCW’s first full-time faculty member in the discipline, Dr. Welch worked at fostering the division development into the present day Department of Communication Studies.  

Dr. Welch, a native of Nashville, TN, began her UNCW career in 1970.  She was very involved in the university system, serving on and chairing numerous faculty committees.  In 1986, Dr. Welch was the first woman elected chair of the UNC Faculty Assembly and presented greetings from the faculties of the 16 constituent campuses at the inauguration of C.D. Spangler, Jr. as system president.  Welch was also active in the Wilmington community working with such organizations as the New Hanover County Heart Association, New Hanover Council of PTA, the Wilmington Civic Ballet and St. James Church.  She was also a member of the American Business Communication Association, National Association of Parliamentarians, Women in Communications, as well as many other professional associations. 

Established November 1996, the Communication Studies Alumni Chapter set, as its first goal, the founding of the Dr. Betty Jo Welch Scholarship Endowment to assist communication studies majors.  Recipients must meet the following criteria: 

The Justin Thompson Communication Studies Scholarship for Enacting Social Change

This endowed scholarship was created by Mark Griffis and Dave Robertson to award students who excel in the area of communication studies.  The recipient must have been accepted into the Department of Communication Studies.  Applicants submit a 500-word essay on "How Media Will Influence Social Change in Twenty-Five Years."  The scholarship may be awarded to an undergraduate or graduate student and may be applied for multiple times.  The recipient is chosen on the basis of the winning essay along with the following stipulations:

The Brian Pearson King Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2004 in memory of Brian Pearson King, a rising freshman with interest in Communication Studies.  It is open to all PCOM students (must be PCOM at time of application) with an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.  To be considered for this scholarship, applicants should complete a one-page (single-spaced) essay that answers the following questions.

The George Diab Scholarship in Communication Studies

This endowed scholarship was established by the Diab family in honor of George Diab and in recognition of his outstanding career in and contributions to the field of television journalism and broadcasting.

The scholarship will be used to assist students pursuing a degree in communication studies. Recipients must meet the following criteria: 

The Craven Scholarship in Communication Studies

This scholarship is available to all of those who apply to any of the previous four scholarships. After the recipients for the scholarships above have been chosen, the next most competitive applicant will receive the Craven Scholarship.

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