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Richard Olsen

Richard K. Olsen
Professor and Department Chair

Communication Studies is a broad discipline that covers rhetorical theory from the ancient Greeks to the latest in digital media. It explores the complexity of interpersonal relationships and the challenges of effective public relations campaigns. It includes courses in small group communication, intercultural communication and so much more. Our graduates have gone on to careers in sales, entrepreneurship, PR/IMC, human resources, fund raising, graduate programs in law, divinity, MBA and the list goes on. Versatility is a great way to describe the COM degree at UNCW.

Fortunately, we celebrate the breadth and find it our common challenge to discover the common themes and apply our concepts and theories to the world around us. We strive to promote whole student development and a versatile skill-set among our students. But fundamental to both of those is an awareness of the power of symbols to shape reality and an ability to make effective and ethical arguments through whatever communication choices we make. I am proud of so many of our students who carry out projects that make a positive difference. It's empowering for both student and teacher to be reminded that this blend of timeless truths and cutting edge application can have a meaningful impact. If you've got interests and aptitudes in communication and want to work hard in mastering yourself and our curriculum, take a good look at our website.