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Bermuda Field Course 2013 :: Daily Report

Day 03 | Saturday, March 02, 2013
Walsingham Pond
Tracey and Sara

Waking up this morning was a bit more of a struggle after a hard dayʼs snorkel
yesterday at Ferry Reach, but we are all excited for the day ahead at Walsingham Pond. Thankfully, today we did not have to lug our gear by foot to the site because a lovely Bermudian bus driver took us to the unique location. Walsingham Pond is famous for its diverse marine life including an abundance of Cassiopea spp. (upside-down jellyfish). We split into groups and surveyed the pond to test a variety of hypotheses. After a sufficient time in the 60 something degree water, we had lunch and then went for a hike to the caves. My (Sara) group took a little detour around Bermuda due to a fork in the path, but saw some beautiful beaches and some parrotfish in tidal pools. The caves themselves were absolutely gorgeous. A few people went for a swim in the chilly, pristine cave waters. It is hard to capture the beauty of the space into words (luckily we have an awesome photo!). So with time short, we rushed to catch the bus back to BIOS and had some time to relax before cracking into analyzing our data.

Looking forward to a great day tomorrow!!

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