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Bermuda Field Course 2012 :: Daily Report

Day 08 | Thursday, March 15, 2012
Report Writing Day

Today was our day for us to write our reports. Everyone woke up in the morning bright and early for breakfast so we could all get started. Immediately after breakfast, everyone met up to discuss logistics for our Whalebone Bay survey that we will be conducting tomorrow. After our brief meeting, all students, UNCW and Southampton, spread out all over the BIOS campus to work on our reports.

As we were all working on the papers, many UNCW student’s noted that the Southampton students seem to have a much better grasp of statistics, and that statistics should be focused on more at UNCW because it is necessary to understand how to work with data to support or disprove hypotheses. Luckily for us, we were able to lean on our newly found international study partners and the Southampton students were more than willing to give us a hand with analyzing the data. Students worked throughout the day to make sure that we all turned in quality work. Many of us were pretty worn out at the end of it all, but everyone was happy and all papers were completed at the 11 p.m. deadline!

- Chance Remmel

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