Dr. Mallin's Course Listings

River Ecology

During Spring semester Dr. Mallin teaches River Ecology (BIO 568).  This course is for graduate students, and advanced undergraduates will be allowed to take it with permission.  This is a 3 credit hour interdisciplinary course that examines streams and rivers from the following perspectives:

This course is taught on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 to 9:30 pm, and includes two Saturday field trips.  There are two exams, a paper, and a presentation required (syllabus).

Estuarine Biology 

Dr. Mallin will be teaching a 4 hour lecture and laboratory course that will discuss the biological, physical, and chemical nature of estuarine systems.  Subjects will include types of estuaries, nutrient cycling in estuaries, terrestrial and marine flora and fauna of estuaries, trophic interactions within estuaries, estuaries as fisheries nursery areas, the ecology of tidal creeks, the pollution of estuaries and policies to protect these systems (syllabus).  Field trips will be included (view photos).

Biological Oceanography

Periodically Dr. Mallin teaches the Biological Oceanography portion of BIO 601, the Oceanography core course for Marine Biology Ph.D. and marine oriented Master's Students.  The biological oceanography section of the course will concentrate on major primary producers in marine and estuarine systems, how physical, geological and chemical factors interact to control production in the sea, how the food web functions in differing regions of the ocean, and marine pollution and other environmental issues.

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