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Chancellor Sartarelli talking at the CIE.
´╗┐Karl Ricanek receives 2016 entrepreneurship award.

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Friday Feature: Cameron Meredith, Saving the Earth, and Growing a Media Empire

Cameron Meredith is a veteran and graduate student at UNCW studying International Affairs. A New York native, his CIE and entrepreneurial journey began, as so many others have, when he saw a problem.

Friday Feature: Dr. Jennifer McCall and Products from the Sea

Friday Feature: Dr. Jennifer McCall and Products from the Sea

Dr. Jennifer McCall, a lecturer in UNCW’s Department of Biology and Marine Biology, began her entrepreneurial journey after completing her Ph.D. at UNC Charlotte with UNCW’s Business of Biotechnology postdoctoral program, which allowed her to continue her studies in marine biology as well as earn an MBA from the university. McCall was developing a project into a shellfish consumption safety test, and she applied for a federal Small Business Innovation Research, or SBIR, grant.

“I started the company [SeaTox], I received the grant, and now we’ve done research and development… and we’re selling the kit through the university,” Dr. McCall said. 

time management for entrepreneurs

Time Management for Entrepreneurs and Other Wildly Busy People

At the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, we’re all about—you guessed it—innovation and entrepreneurs. In a high-energy startup ecosystem like ours, there is a constant stream of opportunities flowing through. And as people with entrepreneurial spirits, we take advantage of every opportunity that comes our way. We work late nights and early mornings. We chug coffee as if it is some magical productivity elixir. And in doing all of these wonderful and amazing things, our messy, busy, fast-paced lives sometimes come crashing down on us all at once.


SBA Entrepreneurial Academy: 337 Ways to Market to Greater Profits

This course is a "must see" for those small businesses seeking to gain maximum exposure of their product or service within their community and be able to better measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts through a step by step formula – all 337 ways!

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SBA Entrepreneurial Academy: Alternative Loan Programs 

Much of small business lending is not done through a traditional bank. This key topic on "alternative lenders and brokers” provides you access to capital when your bank does not.

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