College of Arts & Sciences

Giving Opportunities

The College of Arts and Sciences is the heart and soul of the university, offering excellent degree programs in the arts, the humanities, the natural and mathematical sciences, and the social and behavioral sciences. Many of the university’s most distinguished programs are housed within the college, including biology and marine biology, chemistry and biochemistry, creative writing, film studies, psychology and more. The college also provides the essential foundation for all UNCW students’ learning through its Basic Studies course offerings.

This short video explains how gifts make a difference in the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Building on Excellence

UNCW and the state of North Carolina have made substantial investments in the college over time, including the construction and renovation of many buildings that house our academic programs. The new Cultural Arts Building, for example, features theatres, a recital hall, an art gallery, rehearsal rooms and other spaces specifically designed for the arts. Another new structure, the Computer Information Systems Building, offers labs and classrooms for cutting-edge computer science research and three-dimensional graphic design courses.

The College of Arts and Sciences’ 23 academic departments emphasize applied learning as an integral component of their curriculum for undergraduate majors. Students participate in faculty-directed research, internships, service learning, capstone courses, and other experiences that challenge them to integrate various strands of knowledge and to apply that knowledge to broader, real-world situations. Through applied learning, students in the college gain direct hands-on experience with the skills of their major fields as an essential part of their preparation for life and career.

Challenges and Solutions

To make the most of our facilities, to provide our majors with the most powerful learning opportunities possible, and to strengthen the foundation of the UNCW experience for all students, the College of Arts and Sciences needs financial support in three priority areas:

Student Excellence

  • support for applied learning experiences in the college’s departments
  • scholarships, especially for students enrolled in our art and art history, music, and theatre programs. 

Faculty Excellence

  • endowed professorships to recruit and retain outstanding faculty members
  • funds to support faculty research and professional development

Programs of Excellence

  • endowed funds to enhance the college’s signature academic programs as well as those with the potential for excellence 

We Need Your Help

Contributions to the UNCW College of Arts and Sciences add up to more than just gifts to worthy people and programs. They are an investment in the long-term success of our university, the students we educate, the community and region we embrace, and the state we proudly serve. We hope you share our commitment to enhancing and sustaining our university’s heart and soul.

There are many ways to give, ranging from cash, stocks and bonds to real estate and in-kind donations to bequests, trusts, life insurance policies and other estate planning options. Please contact us for more information about contributing to the UNCW College of Arts and Sciences.



Aron Johnson, Director of Development for Major Gifts

phone 910.962.3792 |

Beau Cummings, Director of Development for Leadership Gifts

phone 910.962.2152 |

David Cordle, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

phone 910.962.7232 | 

Here are two examples of transformative giving opportunities within the College of Arts and Sciences:

Creative Writing

The Department of Creative Writing seeks to raise $500,000 over the next five years to provide five annual fellowships for graduate students in its MFA in Creative Writing program. These fellowships will keep UNCW’s Creative Writing program nationally and internationally competitive, enabling the university to attract students of the highest qualifications and abilities. Unlike other disciplines where faculty credentials take priority, writing programs are measured by the output and accomplishments of their students. Support—particularly fellowships—permits gifted students to concentrate fully on the development of their talent and promise.

Film Studies

UNCW is committed to offering students an engaging experience in the study and production of film that includes technologically advanced, hands-on instruction. Cooperative partnerships with film industry leaders here in Wilmington are essential to our ability to offer students real-world experience and access to up-to-date filmmaking tools and techniques. The Department of Film Studies at UNCW has the potential to become a nationally recognized program of excellence and a vital partner to the film industry in Southeastern North Carolina. Individual donors, corporations and foundations can support this effort by helping us to establish an endowed fund to provide for the purchase and maintenance of cameras and other filmmaking equipment and materials.