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Assessment Planning and Reporting


All educational programs follow the UNCW DIvision of Academic Affairs Guidelines for Annual Reporting of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment and Academic Program Outcomes Assessment Activities.

The information and materials on this page will help program chairs, program coordinators, and assessment coordinators develop their program assessment plans, implement them, and report on them. Assessment Plans and Reports are created at the program level.

The Educational Program Assessment Plan and Report Template is used for all College of Arts and Sciences academic programs . Two sample reports can be found at the bottom of the Workshop Materials page.

Each Program Outcome should be linked to a UNCW Strategic Goal. See
UNCW Strategic Goals.

Each Student Learning Outcome should be linked to a UNCW Learning Goal. See
UNCW Learning Goals.

Parts of Each Assessment Report

There are essentially five parts to an assessment system. The first three parts are considered the plan. The last two parts, along with any changes in the plan, are considered the report. For more information about each part of the assessment plan and report, along with examples, see the information contained in the following:

Part 1: Expected Outcomes

Part 2: Assessment Methods and Tools

Part 3: Implementation

Part 4: Summary of Findings

Part 5: Actions Taken

Assessment Planning and Reporting Best Practices will help you judge your program's progress in creating and implementing its assessment system.

For additional questions and help with any aspect of assessment, please contact the CAS Director of Assessment, Linda Siefert.

Last modified August 19, 2013