Assessing Student Learning

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What questions do you have about how and what your students are learning? How do students learn in your particular discipline? How do they integrate their University Studies learning into their major? How does the learning of online students compare with that of students in the classroom? Are our graduates' capabilities meeting our goals for their learning?

All assessment should start with a question, even if it's as simple as "where do my students need additional instruction and practice?" If you try to always start with a question, over time your questions will get more sophicated and nuanced. Whatever your questions are, these pages will begin to help you answer them. They provide information that will be valuable in the creation and implementation of plans for assessing student learning at the course and the program level. Continue to check back as more helpful resources are posted regularly.

Assessment is really no more than asking a question about student learning, providing students an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding, and analyzing the results. It can be accomplished in many forms.

Dr. Linda Siefert
Director of Assessment, College of Arts and Sciences and General Education
Bear Hall 247

Lea Bullard
Assistant Director of General Education Assessment
Bear Hall 251

Mission Statement

The Director of Assessment for the College of Arts and Sciences is dedicated to working ethically, collaboratively, and reflectively, and to ensuring that the assessment plans created by the members of the College are designed to foster student learning and enhance the effectiveness of our academic programs, while meeting the standards and best practices of the academic assessment community.

The Director of Assessment supports the work of the College in the following ways:

  • Provides leadership to the College faculty in the area of assessment of student learning
  • Provides guidance to faculty and administration in creating assessment plans and evaluating student learning using the best practices of academic assessment
  • Helps ensure that department and program assessment plans are designed, implemented, analyzed and reported on in a manner that fosters student learning, is useful for curricular and program improvement, and meets UNCW reporting needs
  • Collaborates with all members of the UNCW community working on the assessment of student learning to assure that the university meets its strategic goals

Last modified October 15, 2013

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