Academic Minors

Degree requirements for all undergraduate majors and minors offered within the College of Arts and Sciences are listed in the current UNCW undergraduate catalogue, page 125 or on the online university catalogue.

For your convenience, interdisciplinary academic minors within the college are listed below with links to the e-mail address of the faculty coordinators. Students may wish to contact the coordinator for additional information on interdepartmental/interdisciplinary academic minors.

The college posts the most recently available information on the coordinator of an interdisciplinary minor and her/his department. This information may in some cases be more recent than the information in the printed catalogue, which is published in the spring preceeding each academic year.

Information on academic minors within the disciplines may also be available from the Web sites of the departments sponsoring these programs (departments and programs).

Interdisciplinary Minors & Coordinators
Africana Studies

Dr. S.Murrell, Philosophy & Religion

Dr. Anita McDaniel,Communication studies

Applied Behavior Analysis Dr. Wendy Donlin Washington, Psychology
Asian Studies Dr. Beverley McGuire, Philosophy and Religion
Campaign Management Dr. Jennifer Brubaker, Communication Studies
Classical Studies Dr. A. Deagon, World Languages and Cultures
Digital Arts Dr. Eric K. Patterson, Computer Science
European Studies Dr. P. Kamenish, English
Forensic Science Dr. Midori Albert, Anthropology
Journalism Dr. Jennifer Brubaker, Communication Studies
Information Technology Dr. Laurie Patterson, Computer Science
Latin American Studies Dr. Jennifer Horan,Public & International Affairs
Leadership Studies Dr. J. Nottingham, Specialty Studies
Middle East Studies Dr. Lisa Pollard, History
Native-American Studies Dr. L. Schweninger, English
Neuroscience Dr. Mark Galizio, Psychology
Pre-Law Dr. Stephen Meinhold, Public Administration
Science, The Humanities and Society Dr. D. Melroy, Biology & Marine Biology
Women's and Gender Studies Dr. Michelle Scatton-Tessier , World Languages and Cultures

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