College of Arts & Sciences

Mission and Vision Statement


The College of Arts and Sciences is committed to the life of the mind and the enrichment of the human spirit. In our practice as a college, we

  • educate students for lives of personal, civic, and professional fulfillment in a world increasingly defined by change,
  • advance knowledge and creativity in the arts and sciences, and
  • serve the betterment of the region, state, nation, and world.

As the academic core of the University of North Carolina Wilmington, the college provides the vital foundation for the university's pursuit of excellence in teaching; research, scholarship and artistic achievement; and service.


The College of Arts and Sciences seeks to encourage the full flowering of the arts and sciences on our campus and in our culture and society. We aim to foster creativity within and across all disciplines. We look to promote ethical awareness, self-knowledge, and appreciation of differences in others. We endeavor to provide an educational environment that inspires students and faculty to bring their full creative and analytical talents to bear in their own lives and in the changing world we must share and steward. We intend to develop in our academic community an appreciation of the academic tradition, respect for diverse cultures, and a lasting habit of inquiry, learning, innovation, and adaptation.

We hope for our students to become critical thinkers, rational and informed decision-makers, and lifelong learners, and in so doing to become engaged citizens of the world. We pursue this goal by providing a powerful learning experience-one that incorporates a liberal education in the broad range of humanistic and scientific studies, a mastery of discipline-specific theories, concepts and methods, and an immersion in applied learning. This, we believe, is an education for the twenty-first century.

As faculty members we aspire to the pursuit of new knowledge, new approaches to inquiry, and new modes of expression at the highest level, and we strive to engage students as partners in that pursuit. We are convinced that inspired teaching and deep learning are the result. We seek also an engaged scholarship that improves our human relationships and our social institutions, protects the integrity of our environment, and enriches our culture on a global scale. In all of this, our aim is to enrich the human experience and to enhance the quality of life, particularly in our own community and region.