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In Praise of the Humble Oyster

Coastal Review Online
Ami Wilbur and technician Amy Finelli direct the UNCW Shellfish Research Hatchery, studying oysters and other North Carolina shellfish. 
(Biology and Marine Biology Department)

UNCW Chemistry Professors Receive $330,000 National Science Foundation Grant

Hee-Seung Lee and Rob Hancock are developing new types of sensors that emit light when attached to specific ions. The UNCW researchers are especially interested in molecules that light up in the presence of metals such as copper and zinc.
(Chemistry and Biochemistry Department)

Screening in Wilmington raises awareness about ocean plastic pollution

Some UNCW environmental studies students and staff are pushing awareness of the impact plastics have on our oceans.
(Environmental Studies Department)

Army Corps - 'Why remove The Rocks?'

"The Rocks" are located at the southern end of Fort Fisher. State legislators are looking into whether some of the rock wall should be removed -- an action some federal agencies and coastal communities have expressed concern about. University of North Carolina Wilmington biologist Larry Cahoon said the corps believe officials are bewildered.
(Biology and Marine Biology Department)

Special Report: Keyboard Mafia

The psychology behind a mean-spirited online post has much deeper roots than someone simply having a bad day. “It can be something addictive in the form of a behavioral addiction,” said Kate Nooner, UNCW associate professor and licensed clinical psychologist. “You really get used to doing it and needing to do that as part of your daily routine and part of your self-esteem.”
(Psychology Department)

12 TO WATCH - How UNCW's Toni Pence is revolutionizing nurse training

UNCW assistant professor of computer science Toni Pence developed a “virtual patient” simulator to help nursing students learn how to communicate effectively with children in a healthcare setting.
(Computer Science Department)