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Welcome to the Career Center! We are a comprehensive career counseling and resource center dedicated to empowering students and alumni as active participants in their own career development. The Career Center encourages students and alumni to EXPLORE, EXPERIENCE, ENGAGE AND EMBARK.


Major Decision Process
Four Year Planning Guide
Become a Skill Seeker
What Can I Do With A Major In..
UNCW Majors Booklet

Academic Majors Fair How To
Informational Interviewing
Part-Time Jobs or Internships



Certified Internship Program (CIP)
Write a Resume
Sample Resumes
Write a Cover Letter
Sample Cover Letters
Federal Government Job Search
International Job Search
Job Search Tracking Sheet
LinkedIn Resources for College Students

Get a Job
Job Search Links
Benefits and Cautions of Different Job Search Methods
Get an Internship
Disney College Program
On Campus Recruiting Schedule
Multicultural Job Search Resources
Red Flags for Fraudulent and Scam Job Postings


Career Fair
Education Networking & Job Fair
Online Networking with LinkedIn
Professional Etiquette
Professional Etiquette Dinner

Informational Interviews
Maximize LinkedIn in Your Job Search
Your 30-60 Second Commercial
Graduate School Preparation
Practice Your Interview-InterviewStream
Professional Attire
Professional Correspondence


Real World Survival
Graduate School Information
Powerful Personal Statements
Backpack to Briefcase
Job Offers

Taking Flight
Professionalism in the Workplace
Pre-Professional Information
So You Want To Stay in Wilmington?
Salary Information

Resume Review Statement:
To provide you with the highest quality review of your resume and/or cover letter, we ask that you come into the Career Center during Express Hours (M-F, 2-4pm & Wed-Thu, 9-11am) or make an appointment. If you are not in the Wilmington area, call to schedule a telephone appointment. You also may find our online resources helpful at these links: Resumes; Cover Letters; Career Planning Guide. If special circumstances prevent you from using these services, please call to arrange for alternative solutions. [910-962-3174]

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